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Jaguar XF 2.2L D Luxury Business Finance Offers

Jaguar XF 2.2L D Luxury Contract Hire Terms

Happy days. The Jaguar XF 2.2L D Luxury is within easy reach of executive motorists thanks to a Business Contract Hire Plan. Terms include the advance rental payment – that costs £1,794 + VAT – which is followed by thirty-five instalments of £299 + VAT. This non-maintenance contract has a mileage limit of ten-thousand per-annum and the car must be returned at its conclusion. There is no option to purchase. XF Saloon Luxury strengths include the 2.2-litre diesel engine that sends 163PS to the rear wheels, and propels it to 62mph in 10.5 seconds. That is more than sufficient. This pleasing performance is complemented by frugality so it averages 57.7mpg. Emissions are 129g/km which equates to Road Tax Band D. Not bad for the class. The XF is also nice to drive as it smoothly soaks up bumps, corners with confidence and creates a sense of serenity. Standard equipment includes satellite navigation, electric/leather seats and eight-speed transmission that enables the motorist to cruise in full-auto mode, or select the gears manually via paddles behind the steering wheel. This trim is also available in Sportbrake form (estate). Business terms include thirty-five payments of £329 + VAT and the £1,974 + VAT deposit.

Competitor Business Finance Offers

The Jaguar XF 2.2L D Luxury – despite its numerous strengths - still faces competition from a variety of sources. For comparable monthly sums, these include the Audi A6 Saloon 2.0 TDIe SE Ultra. Business Lease terms include the £1,688 + VAT deposit that precedes thirty-five monthly instalments of £278 + VAT. That is reasonable for car that has rock-solid handling, a fashionable badge and excellent build quality. It is available to business users in estate form too. Prices for this “Avant” body shape – with the same engine, transmission and trim - include the £1,764 deposit that complements thirty-five payments of £294, All + VAT. Like the Jaguar XF, the mileage limit is ten-thousand per-annum. And there is more. The Volvo S80 Saloon D2 SE Nav Powershift suits those that want a luxury saloon with a more restrained image than some rivals (there is no estate). Business lease terms include the £2,034 + VAT initial rental that is followed by thirty-five instalments of £339 + VAT. That is fair for a stylish, refined, nicely built saloon with a ten-thousand mile annual limit. Happy days.

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