posted 7 years ago

June 2012 Bank Holiday Roadworks

Fancy avoiding the bank holiday roadworks for June 2012?

Fancy avoiding the bank holiday roadworks for June 2012? The easiest way to sidestep the misery is to check for delays on your route before departing, perhaps via Here motorists can search by region, date, and road name, etc. Just remember to click the 'roadworks' box on the 'disruptions search' page. This resource also enables motorists to view traffic cameras for extra peace of mind. Trafficengland also works via some mobile devices such as iPads - making it easy to stay up to date on-route.

Predicted motorway delays for June 4th 2012 include the M1 between junctions ten and thirteen, north and southbound. Expect thirty minute hold-ups due to roadworks. Motorists might also find themselves delayed for ten minutes on the M2 eastbound, specifically between junctions two and three. This is due to a lane closure. Life might be challenging on the M3 too, so expect a minor delay between junctions twelve and thirteen eastbound. That brings us to the notoriously tricky M25. Predications suggest that motorists will be delayed – although only briefly – travelling anticlockwise between junctions two and three.

Drivers on the M6 northbound might also find themselves twiddling their thumbs, so expect a twenty to thirty minute hold-up between five and eight. Life might be tricky southbound too, specifically between eight and five and nineteen and eighteen. Expect a short to moderate delay. It might also be worth avoiding the M4 west between nineteen and twenty. Here, bank holiday roadworks are expected to cause a thirty minute delay. Eastbound might be tedious too, slowing traffic for ten minutes near junctions five and six.

That brings us to A-roads. The A46 north – between the junctions with the A1434 and the A57 is likely to be slow. A thirty minute delay, in fact, is predicted. Expect a short hold-up on the A23 northbound too, specifically between the junctions with the A272 and the M23. There could also be a short wait southbound between the junctions with the A264 and the A272. Finally, roadworks on the A1(M) might slow traffic – but hopefully briefly. Expect trouble northbound between three and seven, and southbound between fifty-eight and fifty-seven.

As always, bank holiday traffic is likely to be heavy and queues form quickly. It is therefore best to regularly check for the latest information. It only takes one incident, after all, and unexpected roadwork might be required to repair damage to the infrastructure. We need helicopters.