posted 9 years ago

June is Renault Megane month

There has never been a better time to buy a Renault Megane

There has never been a better time to buy a Renault Megane. There is a saving of £3660 on the Renault Megane Hatch Expression and £2860 on the Renault Coupe I-Music, these offers end on the 30th June 2010.

The Renault Megane Hatch Expression includes air conditioning, Keycard and six airbags and the Renault Megane I-Music also includes MP3 connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors.

The Renault Megane has the build quality of a Volkswagen Golf with more standard equipment and a smaller price tag. The biggest improvement on the Renault Megane is the steering which is accurate, progressive and nicely weighted. There is plenty of room inside although slightly limited headroom in the rear. The boot is large and a practical shape. The new Renault Megane comes with ABS, EBD and emergency brake assist as standard. Depending on the version ESP and CSV understeer control are also available and it has an excellent NCAP score too.