posted 7 years ago

Keith Lemon Drives DeLorean DMC-12

Brace yourself... Keith Lemon is racing around the UK in a DeLorean.

Brace yourself... Keith Lemon is racing around the UK in a DeLorean. But why? The Celebrity Juice host is plugging his new show – called Lemonaid – which sees the TV star 'help' the public. And what better transport than the star of Back to the Future? During the series a bald chap receives a full head of hair, an elderly lady has her bags carried by a buff man, and a schoolboy is turned into a mini Keith Lemon. Do we really need more than one?

The DeLorean DMC-12 was produced from 1981 to 1982 in Northern Ireland, and sold within Europe and the United States. Around nine-thousand examples were produced and estimates suggest that six-thousand five-hundred exist today. Power comes from a 2.848cc engine, that produces 150hp in European cars and 130hp in American cars. However, its most distinctive strength is the gull-wing doors that look like something from another planet.

Of today's survivors, a pleasing proportion are in reasonable condition. This is partly due to their stainless steel body panels and fibreglass under body, plus the company's determination to construct a long-living machine. Sadly, DeLorean itself went bust - partly because the DMC-12 was launched as the US suffered its biggest car market slump since the 1930s. But what a legacy. This gull-wing beauty looks fantastic. Can I please have one?