posted 6 years ago

Kia Optima Joins Europcar

Ninja-like... the Kia Optima has infiltrated Europcar.

Ninja-like... the Kia Optima has infiltrated Europcar. Business motorists who want to hire a comfortable cruiser can therefore choose this sleek and stylish saloon. Power comes from a 1.7-litre 134bhp diesel engine that can be teamed with six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. There are no other power plants in the range. As such, the Kia Optima reaches 62mph in 10.2 seconds and averages 57.6mpg in manual form. The auto hits the mark in 11.5 seconds and returns 47.1mpg. The Optima therefore has pleasing fuel economy, sensible emissions, and fair performance to complement its “ninja” persona.

Ken McCall, Managing Director of the Europcar UK Group, revealed: “This is the first time we’ve added the Optima to the Europcar fleet. This new generation business car perfectly complements the other vehicles on our fleet that are ideal for business journeys.” Mr McCall continued: “There has been global demand for the Kia Optima and now Europcar customers can get behind the wheel of this world class executive saloon.”

The Kia Optima – which is more Ford Mondeo rival than executive saloon – has a fantastic specification. Even the entry-level 1 trim therefore has cornering lights, a leather steering wheel, and a cooled glove-box. The mid-spec 2 adds black leather seats and the top- of-the-range 3 has heated seats and a start/stop button. This complements reasonably composed handling and a comfortable ride. Not a bad car, then – and those who want to buy one rather than rent can sign the dotted line for between £19,595 and £26,000. All backed-up by a seven year warranty. This, I suspect, excludes ninja-related wear and tear.