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Land Rover Customer Promise Ensures Peace Of Mind For Used Buyers

Land Rover thoroughly tests used vehicles, adds a compressive warranty and offers other, pre and post sale, benefits.

List of Land Rovers backed by Customer Promise

The Approved Used Land Rover Customer Promise has pre/post sale benefits that ensure your vehicle “delivers the most composed and capable drive possible”, the manufacturer explained. Prospects include the: Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Freelander and Defender. Let us consider the benefits of purchasing directly from the manufacturer. 


The Land Rover 2 Year Warranty covers the cost of certain repairs if the vehicle is less than 5 years old and has covered less than 100,000 miles (at the point of sale). There is no limit to the number of claims – up to the sale price – or any further mileage limitations. The purpose of this cover is to provide peace of mind.

Roadside Assistance

The 2 Year UK and European Roadside Assistance is your back-up should there be (say) a puncture, breakdown or collision. It incorporates: home start, onward travel, vehicle recovery plus overnight accommodation and is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Multi-Point Inspection

The 165 Multi-Point Inspection ensures the mechanical components, electrical systems, paint and interior meet the required standards. 


The manufacturer explained: “It takes a certain type of person to deliver the professionalism, skill and attention to detail we expect”. Technicians only fit genuine components and have access to the latest, manufacturer specific, tools and diagnostic equipment. 

Mileage and History Check

The Independent Mileage and History Check guarantees further peace of mind. Land Rover, for example, consults external sources to confirm the vehicle is not subject to outstanding finance – in which case it could be repossessed by the provider - has not been stolen or written-off and the mileage stated on the dashboard is correct.

Road Test

The Road Test enables the technician to ensure that the vehicle performs to the high standards typical of the brand. Inspected systems include the: suspension, brakes, engine and transmission.

Part Exchange Service

Land Rover runs a “professional, expert, part exchange service” to make buying your next vehicle straightforward, the manufacturer explained. It added that this service is available “no matter what” car you currently own and that its trade-in prices are competitive. 

MOT Test Warranty

The Land Rover MOT Test Warranty minimises the expense if your vehicle fails its first, or next, MOT. The motor manufacturer contributes up to £750 towards the cost of repairing, replacing and/or adjusting a wide range of components. There is a £50 excess.

Conditional Vehicle Exchange Agreement

The Conditional Vehicle Exchange Agreement requires the manufacturer to replace the vehicle with something of similar specification if it has a demonstrable fault that cannot be resolved to your satisfaction. This option is available for the first 30 days/1,000 miles. You might, alternatively, take a refund. 

Half-Day Land Rover Experience

The Complementary Half-Day Land Rover Experience enables you to experience the off-road strengths of the manufacturer's vehicles.

Drive Away Insurance

The Complementary, 7 Day, Land Rover Drive Away Insurance eliminates the need to swap insurance from your current car to its replacement prior to collection. It also enables the motor manufacture – without first requiring proof from you that the replacement is insured – to arrange Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax).

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