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Land Rover Discovery Sport Personalised As Mother's Day Surprise

Bespoke tread-plates, child seats and picnic blanket take pride of place in personalised car for mother's day.

Discovery Sport Production Hits 100,000 Milestone

A Land Rover Discovery Sport has been personalised by kids as a mother's day surprise and the handover recorded on video. This bespoke vehicle – the 100,000th of its type to roll-off the production line in Halewood, United Kingdom – was presented to Natalie Lipton who only lives a few miles from the brand's factory. 

The manufacturer “went undercover” with Jacob, 7, and Noah, 5, to “find out” how the car could be “made even more special” for mum, it explained. The kids toured a Design and Engineering Centre – where treasures include virtual vehicles and clay models – with Paul Cleaver who is the Discovery Sport Vehicle Programme Director.

Chosen extras include:

  • scarf incorporating family hand prints and drawings;
  • picnic blanket with the family's name;
  • seat-back tidies for the children;
  • tread-plates featuring 'The Liptons' name;
  • water bottles incorporating the children's handwriting;
  • child seats that include the name of the occupants; 
  • rear-seat entertainment screens;
  • signed cookbook by James Martin;
  • boots for each member of the family;
  • jacket for mum;
  • keyring featuring a favourite family photograph.

Land Rover's video shows the kids creating their hand prints, the vehicle being prepared, and Natalie seeing it for the first time.

land rover discovery sport 2

Versatile family car

Paul Cleaver explained: “It’s fantastic that the Discovery Sport has reached this significant milestone (100,000 units). To know that this car has resonated with customers across the world is a testament to the whole team involved in its creation and delivery.”

Mr Cleaver added: “The Discovery Sport is a truly versatile family car, so it’s fitting that we are celebrating with such a special project from the Land Rover family to the Lipton family. It was fantastic meeting Noah and Jacob; they were enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas – definitely budding future car designers.”

land rover discovery sport 3