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Law to change for Parking Fines

New rules to give ‘ten minutes grace’

The law is now going to change with regard to parking fines, motorists will be given ten minutes grace after a parking ticket runs out before they can be given a fine.  The new law will take effect within weeks and will apply to all on street and off street council parking spots. 

The new law is intended to bring shoppers back to the high street, retailers believe that parking wardens who issue tickets the minute parking time expires puts off potential shoppers. This welcoming news to give drivers some breathing space is contained in the deregulation bill which has now passed all stages in the House of Commons and the Lords. Both Houses must agree the final wording of the bill before it can receive royal assent and become law. 

Other changes to parking regulations will include a ban on the use of CCTV “spy cars” intended to fine drivers for parking on yellow lines. These so called ‘spy cars’ can still be deployed to catch motorists who illegally park in danger zones such as bus lanes. Local residents and businesses will be able to demand a review of parking in their area, including charges and the use of yellow lines.

£350million in parking penalties 

It is welcome news as drivers in the UK have forked out an estimated £350m in penalties in the last year so now councils will no longer be permitted to profit from parking fines. 


Let me see if I got this right - if I were to break the (current) law by a bit, then while I used to get fined, I'll now get away with it. So if I break another law (by a bit), will they ( the Government) consider changing the law so I get away with that also? Motorists simply need to grow up, accept their responsibilities, and stop whinging.

what a load of cods wallop! the truth of the matter is these CEOs are only carrying out instructions from the local council to raise as much money as they can by issuing PCNs regardless of the cost to shop keepers, mums , motorists and self employed geezers like me who have a fight on our hands on an almost daily basis just loading & unloading materials and tools, only to find these "nut jobs" hiding around the corner and then putting a ticket on my can

The day on street parking was prohibited was the day shops began to close and gave us streets of empty shops Bring back street parking and then our towns will flourish

As usual we get people muddling up private parking, with local councils' legal powers. parking regulations should be used to keep the highway free of obstructions and to ration scarce parking spaces. My local commuter-town centre now has charges until midnight, simply an attempt to tax the now almost non existent evening entertainment. If you think Londoners get minutes of grace, you have not parked in a central London post code. It is just the click of a camera, no ifs no buts.

Paul S. Your response is pure gibberish. As a disabled driver with a Blue Badge I have to set it at the time (+/- 7.5 minutes) I arrive/park and have 3 hours to shop as I please. If I park up at 09:30 I am required to leave no later than 12:30. It's not n-dimensional multi-spatial, none-Newtonian maths! As said the 10 minutes 'grace' is worthless as it won't entice many people back into town centres, whereas a decent road system and reasonable on or off street parking (at reasonable prices) might.

All car parks should be pay on exit then you pay only for the actual time you have occupied a space. I spend pounds for time I do not use putting on extra time 'just in case'.

Nothing but blatant electioneering, allowing people something that already happens is like selling fresh air. The funny thing is the people who comment on this, the 10 minute guideline happens and Camera cars currently only patrol schools and bus lanes, and if you notice the statement, they are "ordering" them to do what they already do...shallow but judging by all the comments, working.

If you want shoppers back, do what New Zealand does brilliantly - P Zones with a time on the signs on-street; ranging from 5, 15, 20, 30 etc to 120 or even 180 minutes written on the parking sign. Outside really popular areas (only 100 yards very often) it's free - so if you don't have a shop long park nearby - works a treat. And if you're prepared to walk a bit, it can be free - simple. There are also parking meters - of course - but they do at least try to treat motorists as human beings !

Well people it wont make a bit of difference they will still collect upwards of350million by charging more to park in the first place.did you think they would give up that amount of money so easy.we will still pay

I was a council parking attentadt for several years and we always allowed a ten minute grace period in the car parks but we still got a lot of abuse from motorists who claimed they had only been a minute over despite the time shown on the tickets drivers will still claim they have been hard done by when they get ticket for being 11 minutes over because they just are not man enough to take responsibility for their own mistakes

We need to accept the real reason for exploiting the motorist,that is to get us out of our cars and onto buses.They have tried parking charges,parking fines,humps,nibs,sleeping policemen,traffic lights,reducing junctions widths,white lines,stricter MOTs,motoring offences,high fuel costs,insurance,tyre depth etc. Now it's CO2 scam all designed and instigated to get us to abandon our cars.The bottom line is the EU regime and their lap dogs do not like people being mobile,as we are all aware the EU string pullers are control freaks and it's very hard to control people who are mobile.

350 million pounds in fines last year where is all this motorists money going certainly not on the upkeep of the roads as they are terrible more than likely cycle routes and pedestrianised areas makes me mad04

well it is certainly too late for me, i no longer shop in norwich, it is not not just the parking, norwich city now has a road net work that is totally anti the car, plenty of cycle ways, but how much will the average cyclists be spending in norwich shops, then there is the ever increasing business rates, we are losing long established good shops at an alarming rate, but then again norwich council is labour/green controled, need i say more?

How about a rebate for all the fines given for being over by a minute or two as I have been many times even though I have often put in more money than the tariff required as I did not have the exact amount and put more even though we are not given change -why is this not somehow displayed by the ticket dispenser and therefore an 'allowance made ??? As usual- the motorist is a sitting duck to be exploited for government revenue!!!!!

Knowle, Solihull council changed the parking terms and now it is worse than ever. There is a 3 hour free period but you must have ticket, after that charges apply, but the charges are so small drivers pay for a full day and catch the bus into Solihull, the combined parking charge and bus fare is cheaper in Knowle than just the parking in Solihull, now residents can not park and shop in Knowle. That does not help the Knowle shop owners.

I think all Councils should phase out parking fees altogether.This would encourage more people to shop locally and therefore boost the economy and help struggling traders with their businesses.The council's just don't have any common sense.

If the high street is to survive the internet shopping boom the parking needs to be made FREE......

Shamim, you know what time your ticket expires so it's surely up to you to get back to the car in time. I think the extra 10 minutes is pretty fair.

Steve Clark, you need to tell your colleague not to pay. They can only sue for actual losses they have incurred and not only will those be virtually nothing, they are never going to risk the court fees over such a small claim. Besides, if they were to issue, your colleague would have the opportunity to respond and in the circumstances you describe no court will find for the parking company. People don't realise that these fly-by-night parking enforcers have little or no legal rights and can be simply ignored.

The whole thing is still crap, ten min it takes to come out of car n to the shop by the time you get back it's another 5min, I think it should have been half hour that's the only way a shopper will get to see more of customers

Why dont they just lower pricing at car parks so people can afford to pay for the extra half hour or so to encourage people.

Its not so much the councils that need curbing but the private contractors that take over a car park. A colleague thought he had signed in to the system when he visited a club where he was working but was issued with a ticket non the less. We appealed but heard nothing so assumed that it had been accepted - then 6 months later a demand for £180 for non paymnent of the original amount with no way to appeal and no way to contact the so called parking company. These people pray on the working man and should be shot.

I'll take that 10mins.extra,but in the same law can they increase the parking rate,Letts see.

If this also applies to blue badge Disable drivers. They have to set the clock to nearest 15mins when they park. So at moment if they park at e.g. 09.40am they have to show 03.30 on their clock. *that 10min grace really will allow them 3 hours in total.

How can you call people scum who ticket "innocent" people? The scum are the people who park on private land and then bleat on about the charge they have received for something they shouldn't have done in the first place. If you don't want a fine go and park somewhere else. I feel sorry for some private land owners who can do nothing about people parking on their land. As others have shown, you can demand whatever money you like from trespassing scum but it's not likely to hold up in court. So complete anarchy then. Let's all park where we want including on your driveway and see how you like it.

Sooner or later mr pickles will allow people to park on white zigzags.,fool.about time they started allow contraventions of people making an obstruction active.

Sadly too late for the High St, most people will not take the 10 minute bait as a reason to return to Mall and High St shops because we now shop via internet and save fuel too!! Parking charges have killed towns, cities and villages because greedy Councils are all on the band wagon.

It seems plain silly, bringing subjectivity into the equation. What Parking Warden is going to wait around, 'in case someone turns up late'. Rubbish!

how many parking tickets can i receive in one day

Council parking tickets are just part of the problem. It's the scum who ticket innocent people on private land who need regulating properly. Currently they have a free for all, demanding ridiculous amounts of money for all manner of alleged parking mistakes. They're not regulated properly by the British Parking Association (another toothless dog) and as such, have been demanding insane amounts of money from thousands of motorists for years. Hopefully, it will all end soon when the results of the Beavis case are finally published. If there's any justice in this world the private parking companies will be nearing the end of their shambolic run.

Er... In which of the U.K.s legal jurisdictions will this apply?

Or you could get rid of them. no harm and it stops the council making even a tiny bit of money. People pay council tax and road tax why have these parking restrictions in the first place.

seems rather pointless to me it just extends the parking time by 10 minutes

I think this 10 minute rule should apply to the commencment of any restriction too. i.e. parking charges commnce say at 1000, a driver parks free at 0930 and can have up to 10 minutes up to 1010 before he become liable to obtain a parking voucher or simply depart.