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Learner Drivers To Be Allowed To Drive On UK Motorways

Proposals by Department for Transport would allow novice drivers on motorways under supervision

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that Learner drivers will be able to drive on motorways for the first time as part of a Government road safety initiative.

Supervised driving

The proposals would see learners allowed to take motorway driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor in a dual controlled car.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin stated: "Britain has some of the safest roads in the world, but we are always looking to improve that record." 

He added: "Today we are delivering common sense proposals that balance tougher penalties for dangerous drivers with practical steps to help youngsters and other more vulnerable groups stay safe on our roads."

Learner Driving Motorway

Current situation is 'ridiculous'

The Automobile Association has applauded the initiative that Learner Drivers will be allowed to practise and hone their driving skills on the UK motorway network prior to taking their test.

Edmund King, AA president said, "The current situation whereby someone can pass their test in the morning, then drive alone on the motorway in the afternoon, without ever having driven on a motorway, is ridiculous. It makes sense that supervised Learners should be allowed on motorways.”

Unfair on new drivers

Terry Hogan, Managing Director of stated: "The current driving test does not require learners to drive on the motorway, meaning that pretty much all new drivers have no experience of driving on our fastest highways."

He added: "With speeds in excess of 70mph and multiple lanes of traffic, is it fair and safe to allow inexperienced drivers to travel at such speeds without additional training?"

Learner Driving Motorway

'Cashback' scheme

This new road safety initiative follows on from last month’s announcement that learner drivers who fail their tests face paying more than those who pass in an attempt to discourage young motorists who are not ready for the road.

Under these plans and as an added bonus to the government confirmed that people who pass their tests will be entitled to “cashback” from the £62 driving test fee.

The DfT has also stated that there will be a crackdown on hand-held mobile phone usage and drug driving.

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