posted 5 years ago

Legend Returns: Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary Edition

A Fitting Homage to The 205 GTi

Peugeot have sparked elation surrounding the new 208 GTi 30th Anniversary Edition with an empowering and exciting new commercial displaying the core values behind the hot-hatch segment; fun.

We caught our first glimpse of the new 2-tone GTi in the Moving-Motorshow at Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. The car caused quite a stir a year ago and has continued to do so to this day, particularly with the new James Bond-esque commercial exploiting all that is GTi. 

The advert starts off showing the same footage from the iconic 205 GTi advert shown in the 1985 - with the car being shot out of the sky as it descends via parachute, only to land comfortably upright. The retro-hatch is then filmed being chased across a frozen lake by a large military propeller-jet, again similar to the original advert, when all of a sudden Pierce Brosnan’s doppelganger appears from out-of-shot and and outruns both the 205 and the Jet, dodging heat seeking missiles and trees on the way. The 208 is dressed in the same 2-tone effect we saw at Goodwood last year and is exhibited with a raw engine tone and overwhelming acceleration in the commercial.

The getaway then continues into the snowy mountains where the 208 is met by a Helicopter. The nippy Peugeot is then shown evading the hostile situation in the most acrobatic sense imaginable - by looping over the top of the helicopter while descending through a ski resort halfpipe. (Although we’re almost certain a there was a hint of video trickery going on here…) Regardless, the helicopter then collides with overhead ski-lift cables and the 208 rushes off to a dinner date with a stunning young lady in a majestic dinner-dress who states ‘you made me wait.’ The driver responds smoothly ‘yes, 30 years’ - referring to how long GTi drivers have had to wait for the latest model.


The quirky Matte black/ Gloss red exterior is not to to everyones taste - Peugeot won’t make any effort to deny that. Instead it is justified because this 30th Anniversary model is a limited edition with only 800 units being produced. It’s unlikely you’ll see many on the road so you won’t be getting sick of the sight of the 2 tone Pug any time soon - if anything, the crazy colour-combo will make it even more of an occasion when one does roll past. For those with more traditional tastes; The Anniversary Edition is also available with Ruby Red or Satin White paint. The aggressive black and red combination is continued internally, where owners will be greeted with sport-bucket seats, a leather steering wheel as well as a nice dynamic centre console which does nothing to distract the driver from the real entertainment in front.


The Peugeot 208 GTi is powered by a 1.6 litre turbo unit which pushes out a spritely 208hp through the front wheels as well as an impressive 300Nm of torque. Gone are the days of dreadful economy in hot-hatches, this new 208 will return you a steady 52mpg as well as take you from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds (obviously not both at the same time.)

The 30th Anniversary edition sits lower to the ground than the standard GTi while also benefitting from sharper suspension and Brembo brakes which both contribute towards keeping the car flat and manageable through corners. The ECU is also more aggressive in the 30th Anniversary edition and you’ll notice that the electronic safety systems such as traction control will be significantly less intrusive - egging the driver to push and push the car to its full potential. 

Price: Starting from £21,995

The TV commercial can be seen online at: