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LEGO Claims Tyre Producing World Record

Guinness World Records Recognises LEGO

Surprise! Guinness World Records has confirmed that the “largest tyre manufacturer per-annum” is … The LEGO Group. Clearly, this is tremendous news for those little plastic men with funny-shape heads. LEGO produces 380 million tyres per-year which equates to 870,000 per-day. This prolific rate of production is necessary as every second set includes wheels for vehicles such as police cars, four-wheel-drives, aeroplanes, trailers, etc. However, the company has yet to produce a compound that suits the Ford Mondeo Estate – so Pirelli, Michelin and Bridgestone workers can sleep easily in their beds. The first LEGO wheel hit the road in 1962 in Set 400 which then became the best seller of 1967. Prior to its introduction children – and little plastic men - simulated wheels with bricks. Alternatively, some sets included pre-moulded miniature vehicles. Interestingly, LEGO's smallest wheel fits a two-seater car and is 14.4mm tall whereas the largest towers above the plastic men at 10.7cm. This is for the monstrous “Power Puller”.

LEGO Representative Discusses Tyre World Record

Emma Owen, PR & Promotions Manager at LEGO UK said: “Being awarded a Guinness World Record for largest tyre manufacture per-annum is likely to be a surprise to many - but not to us and we are thrilled to take this record 50 years after the invention of the LEGO tyre.

LEGO's Longest, Fastest, and Biggest Achievements

And there is more. Henrik Ludvigsen from Denmark recently built the world's longest plastic toy train track from LEGO. Helped by 80 enthusiasts – and perhaps a few little plastic men – he created this 4,000 meter masterpiece in 6 hours. It then took the train 2 hours to complete the route. Not surprisingly, the train looked more comfortable than the larger equivalents that crawl through the United Kingdom. After completing his 18 month project Henrik revealed: “I don't know what I'm going to do on Monday - I will get a lot of spare time from now.” Other LEGO records include the largest: car, ship, bridge, castle and image plus the: longest train, fastest train, tallest crane and the fastest time to build the Imperial Star Destroyer (Set 10030). The “force” was clearly with this five person team. Finally, a monstrous snake measuring 318 metres was built in February 2013. Sadly, though, there is a rumour that it then escaped and killed a small plastic man.LEGO Claims Tyre Producing World Record