posted 6 years ago

Lexus FL-NX Concept Throws Knock-Out Punch

Lexus FL-NX Concept Styling

The Lexus FL-NX Concept has more impact than a boxer's best punch. This – as is often the case with motor show concept cars - is thanks to the extreme styling that helps it stand out like a boxer surrounded by weaklings. So, this mid-size crossover class vehicle has a very large grill that incorporates dozens of diamond shaped pieces. This extends from slightly above the high front bumper to the beautifully sculpted bonnet. Very nice too. Furthermore, the corners house distinctive lights – including daytime running lights – and the front wings charge into the grill at aggressive angles. The vehicle's sides are dominated by the large wheel arches that sport plastic protective mouldings typical of the class. Higher up, the manufacturer's familiar glazing profile and steeply raked tailgate further strengthen its impact. Oh, and the rear has highly memorable lights that look better than a boxer's favourite shorts. This concept car is finished with brushed metal silver paint that – according to its manufacturer - creates the impression that is has been “carved from a single piece of solid metal”. Mmmmm. Either way, the interior is striking thanks to the black/yellow leather seats, carved metal surfaces and blue instrument dials.

Lexus FL-NX Concept Engine And Purpose

The Lexus FL-NX Concept is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine and a powerful electric motor. That makes it a hybrid. The purpose of this punchy concept is twofold. Firstly, a striking new vehicle that looks space age creates a wave of positive publicity for its manufacturer which helps sell the current range. These include the Lexus IS that takes on the BMW 3 Series, the Lexus GS which rivals the BMW 5 Series, and the Lexus LS that comes out swinging for the BMW 7 Series. Secondly, Lexus – like every major motor manufacturer - spends tens of millions of pounds creating cars it hopes the public will love. Such machinery has to sell if the company is to be profitable. As such, it cannot gamble excessively on a production model's styling which – if universally despised – could cripple the brand's finances. So, the FL-NX Concept enables its producer to assess the public’s reaction on a small scale for comparatively little money. It can then react to any feedback and launch a production trim with more confidence. Oh, there is also a newer 2.0-litre turbo version making its presence felt in the boxing ring. Seconds out, round two.