posted 4 years ago

Lexus Hybrid passes the half million mark

Lexus have announced they have sold more than half a million hybrid vehicles since the launch in 2005

Lexus have announced they have sold more than half a million hybrid vehicles since the launch in 2005. Figures show that 25% of Lexus sales are hybrid vehicles, Europe has the strong market for Lexus hybrids with 126,000 sold to date with Western Europe commanding the larger share accounting for more than 85% of Lexus models sold.

The Lexus RX 400h was the world’s first production full hybrid SUV. There has been a steady increase in sales and an expansion in the hybrid range. The new refreshed Lexus RX 450h went on sale earlier this year, the stylish updates give it a much more stronger and individual look. The SE model gains LED daytime running lights, new perforated leather upholstery and re-designed steering wheel and the Luxury grade model adds dark-finish 19-inch alloy wheels an upgrade to a twelve-speaker audio system with a DAB digital tuner and single-disc DVD player.

The RX seems to be the most popular, it has claimed the largest share of Lexus hybrid sales, with 259,000 units sold through to November this year, but wait…the CT 200h is attracting a range of new customers to the Lexus brand. It has been extremely successful as it is the first full hybrid compact premium hatchback in the market and it is the only premium model with automatic transmission to be exempt from the London congestion charge, plus there are more exceptional savings for customers available thanks to the low emissions performance and high fuel efficiency of the Lexus CT 200h’s Hybrid Drive System. The CT 200h is the fifth Lexus hybrid , total units sold have already reached 122,00 units so this will probably become as successful as the RX. The latest expansion of the range in markets outside Western Europe is the Lexus ES 300h, which went on sale earlier this year and has made 8,000 sales so far.

Lexus seem to have dominated the hybrid sector and left the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi behind and Infiniti have absolutely years before they get anywhere near Lexus in any sector. The luxury and drive of these vehicles is second to none and you cannot even hear their futuristic engines at all even when running at speed. When you sit in the cabin of a Lexus it has the unique feel of a luxury space ship and that is what separates Lexus from everything else. Lexus should have a strap line of simply....ENJOY.