posted 3 years ago

Lorry Sat-Nav Disasters Could Be a Thing of the Past

Tom Tom launch the new Trucker 6000 - making life easier for those that drive a lorry

‘A new sat nav device has been launched, making life easier for those that drive a lorry as getting stuck down a country lane will be a thing of the past, no more disastrous consequences when out in the countryside!’ 

Specifically designed for people who drive large vehicles for a living

If you are a driver of a lorry or truck then the new Trucker 6000 TomTom is going to be the answer to all the route problems you may have had in the past when there has been no diversion from unsuitable roads. This new sat nav differs to others as the driver can input the length of their vehicle, the width and the height and even the maximum permitted speed. All these details will then plan a route that avoid all the winding narrow rural lanes and those that may have low hanging bridges. 

Disruption and damage on rural country lanes 

So many disasters have been reported involving large vehicles causing damage and destruction on country lanes.  

Officers from Hertfordshire Police found a vehicle wedged across a tight three-way rural junction between two high hedges in the village of Watton-at-Stone, near Stevenage. 

This lane in Coxley, Somerset is only 6ft wide, resident Caroline Cockman has had some HGVs get stuck and damage her Grade II-listed home.  Lorries have so far caused about £50,000 damage to her side and garden walls and to her neighbour’s wall on the opposite side. 

A tanker was stuck on a narrow country lane in Colerne, Wiltshire, when it became wedged trying to deliver fuel to a military base.  The lane was then closed for three days. 

Advanced technology and features

Not only does the new Trucker 6000 boast advanced routing technology it also has world class TomTom traffic information to allow drivers to get to their destinations as efficiently as possible and to avoid any unnecessary surprises. The Trucker comes with Lifetime Truck maps at no extra cost which is updated four times per year. Other features include Advance Lane Guidance which shows which lane to take at junctions, and Speak & Go which allows the driver to control the device with their voice. The device has a 6” fully interactive screen which you simply pinch, zoom and swipe and this can be docked and undocked easily with the unique Click & Go magnetic mount. Prices of the new Trucker 6000 start at £319.99 and are now on sale.