posted 4 years ago

LPG: Fuel Savings Enjoyed By Fewer Drivers

LPG Vehicle Numbers Decline In UK

The number of LPG-powered vehicles in the United Kingdom has fallen three years in a row so fewer drivers now benefit from this cheaper - and more environmentally friendly - fuel.

LPG vehicle numbers rose every year from 1994 to 2010 when they peaked at about 51,000. Numbers then fell to 50,000 in 2011, to 48,700 in 2012 and to 46,300 in 2013.

The reduction could be attributed to the increasing popularity of fully electric and hybrid cars, the comparative lack of availability at fuel stations, and the high cost of installation.

Benefits Of LPG says the average price of LPG was 64.68 pence per-litre on January 8th 2015, whereas petrol cost 110.33 pence - having fallen from a recent high of 140 pence. 

Autogas – a joint venture between Shell and Calor that exists to make LPG “more readily available” - argues that on this basis drivers that opted for LPG saved £66m in 2014. 

LPG is cheaper than petrol and diesel as it is taxed at a lower rate. This concession recognises that it is less environmentally damaging. claims its use produces less carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides.

Autogas Manager Discusses LPG 

Autogas General Manager,  Linda Gomersall, says: “The recent fall in the cost of petrol and diesel is welcome news to millions of motorists, but it’s important to remember that this could easily be a short-lived reduction”. 

“With the Government’s recent 10-year commitment to the fuel differential between petrol and LPG (which ensures that motorists pay less tax per-litre), the only way to guarantee permanently lower priced fuel is to make the switch to LPG,” she claims.