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Made In Chelsea Star Learns To Drive In Hyundai i10

Watch Jamie Laing Learn To Drive In Online Videos

It definitely wasn’t Made In Chelsea but a new generation Hyundai i10 was the car which one of the show’s stars chose when it came to learning to drive.

Video footage of Jamie Laing learning to drive shows him behind the wheel of an i10.

It was shot in advance of the eighth series of Made In Chelsea, which starts on Channel 4 tonight – October 13.

Jamie's five-door city car stands out from the crowd thanks to its bright white paint and pink lettering that says: “The Boi is learning” and “It's been a laing time coming”.

Follow his progress

Fans of the reality television star can follow his progress via three online videos.

The first shows him meeting driving instructor Dean Ban – while wearing “Gucci” shoes and skin-tight patterned trousers – and taking a tentative drive through the streets of London.

The second shows him practising clutch control and tackling junctions. Observation was an issue at times, so his instructor said: “I wish he'd spot the signs as well as he was spotting the young ladies that were walking passed.” 

The third instalment focuses on hill starts and reversing – with the action taking place on a grey Monday morning, much to the party animal’s dismay.

Jamie said: “ Monday mornings should be made illegal, but I’m here learning hill starts. There are no hills in Chelsea though, so I don’t know why I need to learn that. I’m also learning reversing, which is key when it comes to driving - apparently.”

Pay more attention

Referring to Jamie’s reversing skills, instructor Dean Ban said: “We managed to mount the kerb and almost hit a tree, but we reversed quite successfully up the road.

"Overall, I’m really pleased with Jamie’s progress. If I had one bit of advice it is that he needs to pay more attention to the road, and the sides of the road, rather than just looking at ladies in tracksuits.”

  *Jamie's videos can be seen online at: .

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