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Majority of Highways Agency road journeys “on time”

Latest Government statistics reveal truth about congestion

The vast majority of journeys on British motorways and A-roads operated by the Highways Agency are “on time” and efficient, according to the latest Government statistics.

Based on measured journey times between adjacent junctions across the Highways Agency road network, 78.4% of journeys in the 12 months to October 2014 were deemed to be “on time”.

What might surprise many motorists is that the number of journeys classed as “on time” have increased steadily since May 2013, when only 77% of journeys were “on time”. In the year ending September 2014, only 78.3% of journeys were “on time”.

However, the Government’s statistics reveal the difficulties that are a daily reality for many drivers.

Worst affected was the section of road between Junction 9A and Junction 8 of the A404(M) in Berkshire, where journeys were only found to be “on time” 31.5% of the time in the 12 months to September 2014.

Only slightly better was the A52 between the A6464 and A6514 in the East Midlands, where only 37.7% of journeys were “on time”.

Surprisingly, only 30 out of the 2,268 routes which data was recorded fell below the 50% level of “on time” journeys.

What might not be so surprising is that only one section of Highways Agency road registered as having journeys that were on time for 100% of the time and that’s the M54 between junctions two and three in Wolverhampton.

Source: Office For National Statistics

*How many of your journeys using Highways Agency motorways and A roads are on time? Let us know.


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