posted 7 years ago

Making The Most of Road Signs

Some motorists ignore road signs like billionaires ignore two-for-one offers.

Some motorists ignore road signs like billionaires ignore two-for-one offers. That makes less sense than the world's toughest quadratic equation. These metallic marvels keep people safe, confirm the speed limit, and help with navigation. That is unless they are hidden behind overgrown bushes, of course. As such, Simon Elstow from The Institute of Advanced Motorists has a few simple tips to help drivers get the most from these assets:

- Look well ahead to see road signs – the more time you give yourself to see them the better. They give information and guidance on hazards, road layouts and directions – don’t ignore them.

- Be careful where there are temporary signs – they are there for a specific reason.

- If you notice a sign that is misspelt, is misleading, overcrowded or hidden by dirt and foliage, report it to the council. The message has to be clear so that drivers can act on them immediately.

- Read the road signs to double check your route – don’t rely too heavily on your sat- nav in case things have changed.

- If you notice a sign too late, don’t make a last minute manoeuvre that could be dangerous, such as a sharp turn, sudden braking or a u-turn. Drive on until you find a safe place to turn around.

- Most triangular warning signs for junctions and bends are only put up after a fatality or a number of serious injuries.

- Five minutes spent with the Highway Code can make understanding of signs much clearer.

Elstow said: “Road signs are often seen as one of those things you only learn for your driving test. While you might not know what each and every sign means, it’s always good to brush up and read the Highway Code every once in a while.”

But their impact is so reduced due to the huge numbers of them. They have proliferated out of all proportion.

The worst road signs, crrying far too much info to read whilst driving, are police signs asking for witnesses to accidents or incidents. Shame on you!