posted 3 years ago

Massive Mustang Appears in Farmer’s Field

Mysterious Crop Circles Sparks Debate Among Locals

A Mustang-loving farmer in Essex has created his own tribute to the legendary galloping stallion. Social Media has been rife this morning as Ted Kinsella labels his newly decorated farm as his 'field of dreams.'

Ted Spoke in an exclusive interview with long-established newspaper 'Essex Today' where he mentioned: "...when I was a nipper, this bright red imported Mustang drove past the farm and I thought 'what a pukka-motor' - I loved it and you know I've kind of always dreamt they'd be available in the UK and I thought, you know what, if I plant it, maybe they'll come?"

Well Ted's dreams may have just been answered as Ford have confirmed the release of the Mustang later this year in the UK. After 50 years of waiting, Ted will be able to purchase a right hand drive Mustang straight from the factory. A truly heart-warming story.

Further information has been released explaining how this magical crop formation appeared...

The new Mustang from Ford is available to order now and deliveries are expected to begin in Autumn 2015. The starting price will be £28,995 for the 2.3 litre EcoBoost Mustang and  £32,995 for the 5.0litre V8 variant. Putting out a staggering 310bhp and 412bhp respectively