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Mazda Puts Car And Driver In Perfect Harmony

Drive Together philosophy incorporates components that help form a special, rewarding, relationship with your vehicle

Motoring meets philosophy

Mazda recognises that your vehicle is more than the sum of its parts. It is not – in other words – just a collection of body panels, plastic trim, fabric and mechanical wizardry. It is an enabler. It enables you to explore the world, to see family and friends, and to connect with people that share your passion for life.

The manufacturer, therefore, believes a car should feel like an extension of your body and soul. The relationship is pure, intuitive, and cannot be quantified. You “drive together” as an entity rather than separate beings. Key elements combine to optimise this synergy: Horse and Rider, KODO Design and Technology.

Horse and Rider

The term 'jinba ittai' refers to the connection between horse and rider. When working in harmony, this combination is capable of greatness. Triumph at the Grand National, perhaps, or win an Olympic gold medal for show jumping. Dressage looks remarkable too. 

Mazda produced a film to explain the relevance of jinba ittai to its cars. It mixes pictures of the human eye with shots of headlamps. The implication is that a driver and car “see together”.

Further comparisons follow with similar symbolism. Consider “smile together”. The film shows the smiling lips of a lady followed by the – apparently – smiling front grille of a car. Further sentiments include: “feel together, breathe together and brake together”. The core message is “car and driver in perfect harmony”.

KODO Design

Mazda's KODO: Soul of Motion refers to exterior and interior styling that reflects the drive together philosophy. It ensures that the manufacturer's cars have striking, sophisticated, and artistic styling that stands out from the crowd. The design philosophy “embodies the dynamic beauty of life”, the company said. 


The Mazda range also incorporates ingenious technology which ensures your car - in addition to being a loyal companion – excels in the modern world. The i-Stop saves fuel by automatically switching off the engine while the vehicle is stationary, for example. The engine automatically restarts as required (very fast).

Mazda i-ELOOP is a regenerative braking system. It incorporates a capacitor that stores electrical energy that is harvested as the car slows. Such energy is otherwise wasted. It now, in contrast, fuels electrical systems such as the headlamps and climate control.

Experience jinba ittai

Mazda produces a wide range of vehicles that enable you to experience jinba ittai, personally. Highlights include fast and thrilling sports convertibles, practical and spacious family variants and sports-utility class models that have all-wheel-drive.

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