posted 2 years ago

Mazda2 Wins MPG Marathon 2016

Overview of the supermini that exceeded its manufacturer's official fuel consumption figure on real road tests.

MPG marathon explained

The Mazda2 1.5D Sport Nav is the MPG Marathon Best Outright Car 2016 having averaged 91.37mpg over its 406 mile, real road, route in the United Kingdom. The Marathon – which started and finished at Heythrop Park near Chipping Norton - required participates to drive as efficiently as practical and find checkpoints within 5 counties.

Driver John Kerswill and co-driver Ian McKeen were at the helm throughout the 2-day event. It took 12 hours to complete, the vehicle averaged 33.83mph and burned 20.2 litres of diesel which equated to less than half a tank. This supermini also eclipsed its official average fuel consumption figure of 83.1mpg; by around 10%.

Driver praises vehicle

Mr Kerswill explained: “This was an exceptionally tough event. There were lots of steep climbs, heavy traffic and headwinds on the route so genuinely reflective of UK road conditions. To achieve 91.4mpg was really impressive and a tribute to the Mazda2’s outstanding, real world, fuel economy.”

He added: “One small detail that impressed me is that the car was even more economical than it said it was. At the end of the event, the trip computer was showing 90.0mpg, but the accurately calculated figure based on actual fuel used was 91.4mpg.”

Mazda2 1.5D Sport Nav overview

The Mazda2 1.5D Sport Nav has 5-doors, hatchback boot and 280-litre cargo capacity. It is 4,060mm long and 1,695mm wide. Power comes via a 105PS diesel that propels it to 62mph in 10.1 seconds, emits carbon at the rate of 89g/km – which ensures the Vehicle Excise Duty rate is £0 – and is teamed with a 6-speed manual transmission. 

Standard equipment includes keyless entry, cruise control, speed limiter, climate control, front and rear electric windows, tyre pressure monitor, hill-hold assist, satellite navigation and an engine start/stop button. It also incorporates an indicator that confirms when to change gear if environmental efficiency – burning as little fuel as practical, in other words – is the main priority. 

Safety features include smart city brake that monitors the distance to the vehicle ahead and the closing speed via laser. It operates at up to approximately 20mph. If the distance becomes too short, it brakes automatically to avoid a collision or mitigate its severity.

Manufacturer praises supermini

Mazda UK Sales Director, Peter Allibon, emphasised this supermini proved its “fuel-stretching abilities” as it toured Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire. He also praised its styling, handling and running costs. The Mazda2 1.5D Sport Nav 105PS costs £17,395 including a 3 year/60,000 mile warranty.