posted 4 years ago

McLaren 650S Registration Plate Sales Boost Government Coffers

DVLA Personalised Registrations Sells McLaren Plates

Wow: McLaren 650S personalised registrations have raised a small fortune for HM Treasury – so the Chancellor of the Exchequer must be ecstatic. DVLA Personalised Registrations has, therefore, sold '650 S' for £40,250 and 'MCL 650S' for £16,000. The former is the most expensive of 2014. Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations Events Manager, said: “We were astounded by the interest and the battle that ensued around MCL 650S - but it was nothing compared to the level of interest we received in 650 S”. Other high achievers at the sale included 'AL13 ERT' (£31,000), '24 O' (£23,000), 'AV14 TOR' (£20,500) and 'AH11 MED' (£15,000). These brought the total to £3.5 million and year to date live auction sales to £10.4 million. But even these registrations cost comparatively little. The United Kingdom's most expensive is, therefore, '1 D' that went under the hammer for £352,000 in 2009. This is followed by '51 NGH' (£254,000), '1 RH' (£247,000), 'K1 NGS' (£231,000), '1 O' (£210,00), '1 A' (£200,000), '1 OO' (£197,000), '2 O' (£142,000), '6 B' (£130,000) and '1 HRH' (£113,000). As such DVLA Personalised Registrations - after selling thousands of cherished numbers - has contributed billions to government coffers. Wow: no surprise the Chancellor of the Exchequer is jumping for  joy.

Current UK Registration Plate Format Explained And How To Purchase

The current registration plate format incorporates three major components (as every good Chancellor knows). Most notable is the age tag that evolves every March 1st and September 1st. March tags match the year, e.g. March 2013 is '13' and March 2014 is '14'. September tags are the year plus 50. As such, September 2012 is '62' and September 2013 is '63'. The age tag is preceded by two letters which indicate the region of registration. The final three letters appear after the age tag and are unique - in that position - to the vehicle. The same cannot be said for the region and age tags. Buying a personalised registration is a straightforward process that the Chancellor might be familiar with. Simply visit: then search for a combination of letters/numbers. There is no need to match region markings to the car's point of origin - but it is illegal to make it look newer. As such, an '11' registration cannot be matched to a car first registered in 2008. The motorist can, however, make it look older. After purchase, the buyer receives a certificate of entitlement which can be taken with proof of identity to a facility that manufacturers plates. How much for 'Chancellor 1'?