posted 7 years ago

McLaren MP4-12C Makes Powerful Enemies

Oh! The McLaren MP4-12C knows how to make powerful enemies.

Oh! The McLaren MP4-12C knows how to make powerful enemies. But why? It is faster, for starters, and cheaper than many of its hard-core rivals. Let us consider the evidence. The McLaren rockets to 62mph in only 3.3 seconds and costs £168,500. In contrast, the Ferrari FF is slower and costs £227,077. It is a similar story with the Ferrari 599, the 458, and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. The MP4-12C's exclusivity is another reason its competitors might loath this road-legal racer. Lots of people have a Ferrari these days, plenty have a Lamborghini too - but how many enthusiasts drive a McLaren? I can think of Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and one much-loved comedian.

The MP4-12C can be modified to look even more exclusive by McLaren Special Operations. Let us consider one of their bespoke projects. Take one McLaren MP4- 12C, then find a brush and paint it 'satin matte volcano orange'. Throw-in the gloss-black roof and diamond cut wheels and this machine really comes to life. It also has a striking carbon fibre steering wheel, plus carbon front wheel arches and engine vents. Can only guess what these modifications cost, but it must have been worth every penny. Options to modify your McLaren are virtually limitless, so how about big yellow dots and pink stripes?