posted 7 years ago

McLaren Special Operations Awaken MP4-12C

Brace yourself. McLaren Special Operations is here.

Brace yourself. McLaren Special Operations is here. And about time too. The MP4-12C – with its 3.8-litre 592bhp engine – is clearly boring. The 3.3 second 'race' to 62mph is tedious and cruising at 205mph is mind-numbingly dull. This £168,000 two-door coupé desperately needs to distinguish itself from the millions of rot-boxes clogging-up the roads. This is where the McLaren Special Operations facility saves the day. It is a new division of McLaren and can do.... well, pretty much anything to awaken your MP4-12C.

Let us consider one of their bespoke projects. Take one McLaren MP4-12C, then find a paintbrush and finish it in 'satin matte volcano orange'. Tasteful. Throw-in the gloss black roof and diamond cut wheels with black inners – and this machine comes to life. It also has a carbon fibre steering wheel, front wheel arches, and engine cover vents. Can only guess what these modifications cost – but it has to be at least £25.43. Options to modify your McLaren MP4-12C are virtually limitless. How about bright pink paint and fluffy dice?