posted 5 years ago

Mercedes Benz climbs the ‘CoolBrands®’ list

Ranked 11th in the CoolBrands®

Mercedes Benz has climbed five places over its 2012 CoolBrands® debut and is now ranked 11th from more than ten thousand independently identified brands in the 2013/14 survey.

For those that have not heard of the CoolBrands® list it is now in its twelfth year and votes come from a combination of three thousand consumers and a panel of thirty seven designers, style experts, media personalities and prominent figures from the worlds of TV, fashion and music. This year personalities helping to rate ‘coolness’ included TV chef Gizzi Erskine, musicians Laura Myula and Charli XCX plus festival founder Rob da Bank and model Daisy Lowe. The outright winner this year was Apple followed by Aston Martin in second place and Rolex in third. Aston Martin has claimed top spot five times in six years, the past decade has seen Aston Martin transformed from a small-scale manufacturer of specialist sports cars to one of the world’s best-known luxury brands, boasting its strongest ever line-up. From the breathtaking One-77 supercar and the elegant yet brutal V12 Zagato to the Tailor-Fit luxury city car, the Cygnet, from the powerful Vantage range and new Virage to the exquisite DB9, DBS and Rapide, every Aston Martin expresses the core values of Power, Beauty and Soul. The Aston Martin range was expanded further with the new striking DBS Carbon Series.

This year, Mercedes-Benz has delivered a wealth of new models to UK customers including the new A-Class compact hatchback;  the compact CLA four-door coupé; the new E-Class family; the GL-Class SUV; the stunning new S-Class luxury saloon and arriving in the spring next year the exciting GLA compact.

Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO Mercedes-Benz UK said “Mercedes-Benz is breaking one sales record after another in the UK, we’re the fastest-growing premium manufacturer, and AMG is the UK’s fastest-growing high performance brand. Our showrooms around the country are full of the coolest cars we’ve ever made, and we’re tireless in our efforts to bring more innovation, style and great service of course to more customers than ever before. It’s really great to see that as well as attracting more new customers to our brand, our efforts have been identified by a panel of expert judges and 3,000 consumers.”

Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the CoolBrands® Expert Council, said “the brand qualities we examine in the CoolBrands survey such as authenticity and innovation can be key influences on consumer purchasing, so performing well is not just a thumbs up for a brand’s reputation, but an indication of its future success.” The official top twenty ‘cool’ list is as follows;

  1. Apple
  2. Aston Martin
  3. Rolex
  4. Nike
  5. Glastonbury
  6. YouTube
  7. Google
  8. Twitter
  9. Virgin Atlantic
  10. Ray-Ban.
  11. Mercedes-Benz
  12. Bang & Olufsen
  13. CHANEL
  14. Prada
  15. Adidas
  16. BBC iPlayer
  17. Sony
  18. Sony Music
  19. Alexander McQueen
  20. Spotify.

Mercs are not cool..The coolest Merc is 50 years old. Wood trim is sooo last decade. Mack is right about Apple. They were leaders& now they are just followers just like their customers.

I've never seen anyone under the age of 60 driving a Jaaaaag XF.

if you think the E class is an old man's car then you cant have looked at the E class AMG sport which comes with most engines.

Voted for by Merc owners? Seriously, Apple is no longer cool. It is now a follower not a leader and no-one who has been in a Merc in the last decade would call it cool. They might look nice outside but I bought a Jag XF instead of the E or C class because they were complete old men's cars.

I got a second hand s-class this year and I have been delighted with it: pure luxury and quality...most comfortable car I ever owned. Love it.

It has to be a Mercedes Benz, its classic and its sporty and has the best ride ever, and the white and brown interior with the wood finish is what i like,not only like but love it.