posted 5 years ago

Mercedes Benz new Mile Tracker App

App to calculate your day

Mercedes Benz has launched a brand new App; ‘the mile tracker app’ which has been created to support everyday business travel. It can calculate fuel costs, summarise journey details and even locate a vehicle once it is parked.

The app is free and available for iPhone and Android users, the key elements include the ‘GPS-based Mileage Tracker’, the ‘Journey Log’ and the ‘Locate My Car’ function. It will also include a ‘Fuel Station Finder’ when released to Mercedes Benz customers later in the year.

Nick Andrews, Head of Fleet for Mercedes-Benz UK Passenger Cars, said “we developed the new Mercedes-Benz Mile Tracker to be the first app to combine GPS-based mileage tracker with a journey and expenses log and parking locator. The new app shows our continued commitment to providing efficient fleet solutions to company car drivers and everyone involved in running a successful fleet operation.”

There is no doubt this will be a fantastic tool to company car drivers, the mileage tracker tool enables users to start, pause and save a journey and then review it on a  map. Company car drivers can then add in any additional costs such as parking and recalculate their sums and have a much better idea how much their day will cost.  Once saved the Journey Log then contains all the journeys tracked and they can be reviewed and edited so expenses can be added and even better the route can be emailed to up to three different addresses for reference.

A great time waster for company car drivers is arriving in unfamiliar territory parking and then finding the way back to where they parked.  Again this fantastic app comes to the rescue. The ‘Locate my Car’ feature simply saves the location on the app’s map, writing a description of the location, and setting a ticket time reminder which uses the smart phone’s functionality. When returning to the vehicle, users simply press the ‘route’ button to be shown the quickest way back to the car. This could be an app that we all would like especially in those supermarket car parks when you leave the store and just can’t make out where you left the car. Business users will find this app a great tool as meetings tend to overrun and there is nothing worse than returning to the dreaded parking ticket!