posted 5 years ago

Mercedes-Benz QR Stickers Help Rescue Crash Victims

Mercedes-Benz To Fit Quick Response Stickers

Mercedes-Benz hopes to help the emergency services rescue crash victims via its Quick Response Stickers (QR). But how? After a collision, a vehicle could be damaged in a manner that prevents the motorist escaping through the doors or windows. In this scenario, a rescue worker might require hydraulic cutters to create room to treat the victim and a means of escape. The problem is that the car probably contains components that if cut would endanger the rescuer and the victim. These include its: air-bags, battery, fuel tank, electrical cables and high-pressure cylinders, etc. Hybrid and fully-electric vehicles have more potent batteries and higher-voltage cables too. As such, in an ideal world the emergency worker would refer to a manufacturer rescue sheet that reveals the location of these parts. A motorist could therefore keep one behind (say) a sun visor. However, if it is missing the rescuer might have to find the information online which can be time consuming. The Mercedes-Benz Quick Response Sticker – which is a small barcode – contains the necessary facts and can be read by scanning it with a smartphone or tablet.

Mercedes-Benz To Install Quick Response Stickers In 2013

Mercedes-Benz Quick Response Stickers will be fitted throughout the range from this year (2013). There will therefore be two on every new car, one inside the fuel tank flap and the other on the passenger-side b-pillar. Why? Because the manufacturer has calculated that it is unlikely both these areas will be significantly damaged during a collision. The company can also retrofit Quick Response Stickers to some older vehicles – and printed rescue sheets are available for “all model series” from 1979. Pleasingly, the manufacturer has also waved its option to patent the concept so that other manufacturers can follow suit and save lives. The Quick Response Sticker Concept has other uses too. As such, It can be found in newspaper and magazine adverts. The reader – who might be interested in (say) low cost finance for a new vehicle - can therefore scan the barcode via a smartphone or tablet computer. He/she could then be taken to a website that contains far more information than the printed advert. Quick Response Stickers are also used in manufacturing to track parts so the concept is extremely versatile. But surely its most worthwhile role is helping the emergency services save lives.