posted 2 years ago

Mercedes Recall Over 1 Million Mercs For Airbag Fault

The recall will affect over 400,000 cars in the UK.

Mercedes-Benz have issued a global recall on certain models of their vehicles amid worries that some airbag units may be faulty. 

The manufacturer announced that the cars are currently fine to drive but have advised that if an airbag warning light comes on to pull over and phone for roadside assistance.

Models affected include the A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class, CLA, GLA and GLC - specifically models built between November 2011 and July 2017.

It is worth noting that this is largely a preventative measure from Mercedes, as there have been no recorded fatalities. Nevertheless, this is a potential issue that the manufacturer is keen to address, regardless of the fact it will be extremely expensive. 

All this comes at a time where Mercedes Benz are at their strongest. In September this year, Mercedes closed the most successful third quarter in the company’s history. They sold 220,894 vehicles in September alone - which is their 55th record month in succession and an 11.7% growth in unit sales since the beginning of 2017.

If you’re worried that your vehicle may be affected by this recall, there’s no need to panic. Firstly, get in touch with your local dealership who will be aware of the recall and will be able to confirm whether or not your car needs inspecting. 

The process itself is thought to take less than an hour to fix.

In the meantime, your car is perfectly safe to drive around in - just keep an eye out for an unexpected airbag warning light.