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MG Motor Is UK’s Fastest Growing Car Brand

MG Motor range overview as the manufacturer cements its status as the ‘fastest growing car brand’ in the UK.

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MG Motor UK has cemented its status as the nation’s ‘fastest growing car manufacturer’ thanks to strong sales in February 2020 and its 28th month of consecutive growth. New car registrations totalled 883 which was 97% greater than the same period the previous year. Furthermore, registrations equated to 1.1% market share, which was the third consecutive month the company topped 1%.


MG Motor Is UK’s Fastest Growing Car Brand – Plus Range Overview

MG Motor UK has a small fleet of cars that contributed to its recent success. The MG ZS EV is the manufacturer’s ‘most technologically advanced’, for example. This compact, sports-utility class vehicle is powered by an electric motor so it cannot emit any pollutants (at the point of use). Other strengths include:

  • fast charge, e.g. 0-80% in 40 minutes (50kW charger)
  • good maximum range, e.g. 163 miles per charge on differing types of road (rising to 231 miles if only driven in cities)
  • low running costs, e.g. no need to buy petrol or diesel
  • emission charge exempt, e.g. London Ultra Low Emission Zone
  • practical, e.g. space for 5 people and a 448 litre boot
  • high specification, e.g. automatic emergency braking
  • modest purchase cost, i.e. £22,495 upward.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG Motor UK, praised this fully electric vehicle. He said: ‘The ZS EV has spearheaded our sales and given our brand real impetus as one of the only manufacturers able to supply the growing demand for EVs’.

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MG Motor Is UK’s Fastest Growing Car Brand – Plus Range Overview

MG Motor UK has other cars that helped it become the nation’s fastest growing car brand. The ZS is a compact, sports-utility vehicle – similar to the ZS EV – but rather than an electric motor there is a choice of petrol engines. Pick a 1.5 litre 106PS or a 1.0 litre 111PS turbo. All from £12,495. MG’s range also includes:

  • MG3: low cost, easy to drive supermini that is small enough to manoeuvre easily in congested towns and cities (from £9,495)
  • HS: large, sports-utility vehicle that has a generous specification and memorable styling (prices start at £17,995).

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing, added that the company is ‘firmly on track’ to achieve its targets in 2020. It plans to register 30,000 new cars, for example. The manufacturer also expects to increase its number of dealerships. We plan to ‘bring our well built, well equipped model range to a bigger audience than ever before’, Mr Gregorious stated. Watch this space!