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Millions Risk Fines For Expired Driving Licence

Motorists Unaware That Photocard Driving Licence Expires

Two million motorists could be fined up to one-thousand pounds for failing to renew their photocard licence, the Daily Mail has reported. The problem - according to insurance specialists at Liverpool Victoria - is that one in seven motorists are unaware that their photocard licence expires after ten years (normally). This ensures that drivers benefit from the latest security enhancements and keep their photos up to date. As such, in the last three years hundreds of thousands of people have been caught by police with an expired licence. This led to average fines of fifty-six pounds which totalled forty-one million. There are, however, reasons why some motorists fail to renew on time. The first is that the previous-style paper licence tended to be valid until its owner reached seventy – and some motorists assume that this applies to the photocard licence. Furthermore, others find it difficult to check the validity of their photocard licence as the lettering on its front is extremely small. The key is to look for Section “4b” that shows when the licence expires, e.g. 01 – 01 – 2013. In contrast, “4a” highlights when it became valid, e.g. 01 – 01 – 2003.

How To Renew A Photocard Driving Licence

Your photocard driving licence can be renewed online at – but only if certain conditions are met. The first is that you must have a UK passport that was issued within the last five years. This is the source of your photograph and signature. You must also be a resident of Great Britain and not disqualified from driving. You also require your current driving licence, national insurance number, recent addresses, and a means of paying twenty pounds. This can be via: Mastercard, Visa, Electron, or Maestro (credit or debit). Your new licence should then arrive within two weeks. An alternative is to renew via the Post Office for twenty-four pounds fifty. Simply take along the Renewal Reminder Form D798 that should have arrived in the post, your current licence (with counterpart), and the payment. The Post Office worker will take your photograph, requests a digital signature, and submit the application to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Expect to receive your licence within three weeks. Finally, the photocard can be renewed by post within the same time frame. Simply send your Renewal Reminder Form D798, passport-style photograph, old licence, and twenty pounds to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DH.

For further information on how to update your licence visit here


Just to reiterate, its the photo that expires after 10 years not the licence itself. Your main Post Office will do it all for you for £24, that's £20 for the renewal and £4 for the p.o for checking the paperwork taking your new photograph and sending to the DVLA. Just make sure you have your photocard licence AND the paper counterpart, they wont do it without both!!!.

This is a joke! I passed my test and was given my licence, valid until I reach 70. If they want me to change it, they should pay for it, not me. Why should I fork out for a new passport plus £20 fee, plus a passport photo. It's the principal of it and we should be kicking up more of a fuss about it.

I received the new licence when it was first introduced, since that time the last government more than doubled the renewal price, as they did passports, and many other permissions and licences. Having nothing to hide, and not being a criminal I don't mind more personal information like my National Insurance number etc in the form of a bar code on the photo licence, or turning the licence into a single licence come ID card, if it did away with the passport (and the cost) and if it opened doors and gave me preferences over none British residents, and people who don't work, or convicted criminals. Proving who you are and what you are entitled to, is not big brother and is nothing to fear, but new technology which admits you onto a road or motorway and can tell just where you are, or have been is!! Personal information about a licence holder which any policeman could read, was always on the paper licence anyway.

Just read the above I did not know this ,are paper licences still valid I have never updated mine

Larry Neville is correct it is the photograph that needs renewing, the actual licence is probably still valid,the expiry date is on the reverse of the licence with the valid groups that you can drive. Unfortunately we still have to pay to renew the photograph!! Yes, not good.

I agree with Criag B, it is an ID card by stealth - and nothing to do with security!

The new driving license rules were developed after British people refused to pay for ID cards. The new driving license is an ID card by another name.

I received a reminder from the DVLA a while before mine expired in April 2012. My wife's expired May 2012 but she has received no reminder.

the licence does not expire, only the photograph does. you will not be driving illegally, however, if you still look the same at 40 as you did at 30, well done you. the renewal will arrive approx 3 month before expiry (for me it did) so dont worry

I have a British Driving Licence that was issued in 1977, in paper form. The expiry date shown on it, is in May 2017. Does this mean that it is invalid? I hardly think so, as the onus must be with the DVLA to write to me and tell me this is so.

I totally agree with John. you get a reminder. and that sample licence would not pass, shes smiling and you are not allowed these days

This comes under the heading another way of taxation. As usual the law abiding majority are penalised for illegal drivers and fraudsters - the primary reason for the photo licence. As you have 5 days to produce the licence - surely all you should have to do is prove that you are who you say you are. No need for renewals etc, and if you can't prove who you are you are probably here illegally!

This is another scare story rooted in lazy research and urban myth, and is typical DM panic! To the best of my knowledge DVLA send out reminders months in advance, with details of everything that is needed. They even give the addresses of the post offices that do it online for you - even taking your photo, all for an additional £4, if I remember correctly. They certainly did it for me - but if you haven't updated your address details with DVLA (for which you can also be fined), then they can hardly be blamed for not reminding you! Your own reporter should have checked before repeating this rubbish!

Does this mean that if my 15 year passport has still 9 years to run I have to renew it to renew my driving licence As it was issued more than 5 years ago ??????

Surely the obvious answer to this shambles is, if you've got a paper licence, keep it to 70 and not apply for a photocard licence.

Well I cant apply online, as my passport is more than 5 years old, so it looks like I don't have any choice but to wait & hope that the renewal reminder form arrives sufficiently ahead of the expiry date?

My licence is due for renewal 27th June my passport is more than 5 years old, I am 70 in 2014 does this mean I will have to renew this year and again next year? I am also out of the country from 3rd June until30th June and need my driving licence for car hire abroad. HELP.

Disgraceful. Paid for a licence that lasted till I was 70, now I have to pay to renew it. When do they send this renewal form, I haven't received one, my licence expires in June. i have tried to renew on-line, no luck despite my passport under 5 years old. Renewal form to download is not for normal renewals but address change.