posted 7 years ago

MINI Clubvan Concept Excels

The MINI Clubvan Concept is more than the sum of its parts.

The MINI Clubvan Concept is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, it is only a van. Yes, it is only a MINI - and yes, there are dozens of more entertaining concept cars in the pipeline. But just look at it. For some reason it screams 'buy me' and has an undefinable x-factor. Perhaps the sense of history helps. The MINI Clubvan Concept, after all, looks remarkably similar to its now classic predecessors that delivered the goods from 1960 to 1983. This workhorse was popular thanks to its rock-bottom price tag, large load area, low running costs, and stylish good looks. It was used by the Police, the armed forces, and the Post Office; and these mile-munchers even served as AA and RAC patrol vehicles. Remember?

The MINI Clubvan Concept is based on the Clubman Estate, so any production version should have composed and entertaining handling. It should also be easy to drive through town as – despite the large cargo area – it only measures 3.96 metres. The Concept has a pleasant cabin too, with high-quality fabrics and plenty of equipment. What a contrast to the 1960's version. Other nice touches include the: flat load area, split rear doors, and the partitioning that separates motorists from cargo. This load-lugger also has unbroken areas on the sides to accommodate large business logos. If launched, VAT registered buyers could even reclaim the VAT as it would be a commercial vehicle. Come on MINI – build it.