posted 6 years ago

MINI Convertible Floats On Water

This is not a dream... the MINI Convertible really can float on water.

This is not a dream... the MINI Convertible really can float on water. As such a bright red example has been manoeuvring under its own power on the Charles River in Cambridge (Massachusetts U.S.A.). This remarkable machine is part of MINI USA's Motor-Tober activities, whereby the firm celebrates all that is fun about its brand every October. This year's theme is the 'Not Normal Sales Event' and this one-of-a-kind floating convertible is the Eastern Region's contribution. Honestly... you are wide awake. Pinch yourself for proof.

This MINI Convertible - which is based on a 2004 model - was created via a mold from fibreglass then mounted to the hull of a small boat. It was then fitted with wheels, tyres, headlights, badges, steering wheel, and a grill to complete the look. Power comes from a 6bhp outboard motor which has to be the smallest engine ever fitted to a MINI. This tremendous machine can therefore take non-dreaming passengers for cruises on the river.

Tom Salkowsky, MINI USA's Marketing Manager, revealed: “We challenged our regional staff and the dealers in their respective areas to identify not normal ways to celebrate this Motor-Tober by engaging the MINI community and demonstrate why it's an exciting brand family to be part of. The MINI USA Eastern Region has created the perfect example of what the Motor-Tober Not Normal Sales Event is all about with the MINI Convertible boat.”

And no... Tom is not dreaming either.