posted 4 years ago

MINI Getaway Concepts Thrill Campers

MINI Clubvan Camper

The MINI Getaway Concepts make camping more comfortable than the world's most cosseting mattress. The MINI Clubvan Camper, for starters, is therefore described by its manufacturer as the “world's smallest luxury camper”. As such, behind the solid side windows there is a one person birth plus – remarkably – a small kitchen that can be extended beyond the rear of the vehicle. This incorporates a stove, fridge, and an umbrella to protect the motorist from the glorious sunshine that is guaranteed to accompany every camping trip. The MINI Clubvan Camper also has a glass panel in the roof that can be opened for ventilation or star gazing. This complements its hand-held shower which sources water from the on-board tank, the roof bars that can support (say) a surfboard, and the rear-mounted auxiliary heater. What a tremendous little workhorse.

MINI Cowley Caravan

And there is more. The MINI Getaway Concepts make camping more stylish than the world's most beautiful supermodel. The MINI Cowley – which is a two-birth caravan named after the company's factory – is therefore a striking tear-shaped concept with sliding windows reminiscent of those found on the manufacturer's cars until the late sixties. The MINI Cowley is luxurious too. Highlights include the television, DVD player and stereo which are powered by a solar-charged battery. Furthermore the kitchen - which is concealed at the rear by a hatchback-style door - has a fridge, twin-burner stove and a water tank that incorporates a pump/sink. All wrapped-up in a package that weighs less than three-hundred kilos and is only twelve centimetres wider than a MINI Clubman.

MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp

And there is more. The MINI Getaway Concepts make camping more fun than the world's biggest playground. The MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp therefore incorporates a spacious two person tent which is mounted to the roof and accessed via a short ladder. It also collapses to resemble a rooftop storage box when not required. This safari-style sleeping solution – according to the manufacturer – best suits those with an “adventurous spirit” who love to wake-up to views of an ocean, mountain range, or valley. Furthermore, whereas this tent concept has been showcased on the MINI Countryman it can be fitted to the MINI Hatchback and the Clubman. But there is a little bad news. The MINI Getaway Concepts will not enter mass production unless there is a significant amount of interest from campers. Is anybody else tempted to start a petition?


What great ideas, although the trailer idea i have seen before.

A 2-birth caravan? Doesn't that bit usually happen 9 months after the holiday?