posted 4 years ago

Mini Mayfair Smashes World Record

Brothers Claim Tightest Parallel Parking Record

Guinness World Records has confirmed that two brothers have smashed the record for the tightest parallel park. John Moffatt, thirty-one, from Gloucester – using only his handbrake and steering wheel - therefore slid his classic Mini Mayfair into a space only 13.1cm longer than the car. It lined-up perfectly with a simulated curb that left it sandwiched between two other classic Minis. One was white, one was blue, John's was red. How patriotic. His thirty-three year old brother, Alastair, replicated his success moments later so they now share the world record. But this was not easy. There were numerous failed attempts that led to frustration, nerves, bent body panels, and scuffed paintwork. Further pressure came courtesy of BBC television cameras that were recording every move. But persistence paid and both men eclipsed the previous record by 0.9cm. This was set by Ronny Wechselberger, in Germany, last year via his Volkswagen up!

John Moffatt told This Is Gloucester: “when I broke the world record I was in shock". His older sibling concluded: “the fact that we hold the world record together is great as we are very competitive with each other but John continually reminds me that he got it first".

Historic Minis Found In United Kingdom

Several historic Minis have been found recently – none of which are mechanically sound enough for parallel parking. Highlights include the Morris Mini Minor that is the fifteenth oldest survivor and the five-hundred and twenty-ninth built. It was registered in 1959 – as 620 GFC - then its owner benefited from the sharp handling for 46,971 miles. Then a crash smashed the headlight, bent the wing, and scuffed the paint. It then sat in a barn for the next forty years. And there is more. A MINI Cooper has been unearthed in a lock-up thirty-six years after it was parked. The car was bought new in 1966 then poor health forced its owner to retire it in 1976. Decades later it was still sporting its £40 tax disc. But we have saved the best for last. A Mini carcase has been found bricked-up in a tunnel at the Longbridge plant where it was produced. It is thought that the car - which has eleven miles on the clock - was wrecked when it was struck by a falling container then hidden by the plant workers. What a fantastic story, but not as fantastic as those record breaking brothers