posted 6 years ago

Morris Mini Minor Found Rusting In Barn

15th Oldest Surviving MINI Rescued From Barn

A Morris Mini Minor found rusting in a barn in Oxfordshire is one of the oldest surviving examples, the Daily Mail has reported. This historic vehicle is the 15th oldest in existence and the 529th to roll-off the production line. It was registered in 1959 – as “620 GFC” - then its owner benefited from the sharp handling, fun-focussed looks, and fashionable image for 46,971 miles. But then disaster. The Morris Mini Minor had a minor crash that smashed the right-hand headlight, bent the wing, and scuffed the blue paint. This revealed the original red colouring that the owner had replaced. There were plans to repair the vehicle, but these failed to come to fruition so it sat in a barn for the next forty years. The Morris Mini Minor therefore still has its original engine, transmission, and interior. However, it is rusty and requires a considerable amount of work before it is roadworthy. Sadly, though, the original owner has now passed away so he cannot oversee the project. It will therefore be sold - having passed to his children - at the Bonhams Auction on March 2nd 2013. This classic car is expected to sell for £10,000 but could fetch a considerably higher sum. The restoration might then cost thousands more, but there are countless enthusiasts who would cheerfully get stuck-in. At least spare parts should be easily available thanks to the car's monstrous production run/popularity.

Classic Car Auction Expert Discusses Ancient MINI

Rob Hubbard, Senior Specialist at the Bonhams Motor Car Department, said: “It is one of the oldest surviving Mini cars and that in itself makes this one special. It was put into the barn after a minor prang and has been there ever since. The owner's children finally got round to sorting out the old barn and found this. It is a nice, original example, with a proper engine.” He added: “The car will appeal to somebody who fancies a bit of a challenge and who is looking for a good restoration project to get involved with. It represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire an example of one of the twentieth century's greatest cars in its earliest and and purest form. In its day, the Mini was a trendsetter and it revolutionised the motoring industry in Great Britain in the 1960s.” Mr Hubbard concluded: “Even today, over 50 years later, people are still obsessed by the cars.”