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Most Hated Motoring Habit In UK Is Use Of Hand-Held Mobile

Kwik Fit Survey Of Hated Motoring Habits

Kwik Fit has revealed that hand-held mobile phone use behind the wheel is the most hated motoring habit in the country. It was, therefore, cited by forty-seven percent of its survey respondents. And it seems that older people find it more infuriating than youngsters. As such, sixty-two percent of those aged sixty-five plus named it first compared to only thirty-eight percent of those from eighteen to twenty-four. Using a hand-held mobile is also illegal and potentially dangerous. The offender can, therefore, receive a fixed penalty notice for one-hundred pounds and three penalty points on his/her licence. The latter can increase the cost of motor insurance. Furthermore, some offenders face a court where the penalty could rise to one-thousand pounds and a ban. The implications for professional drivers – such as those responsible for buses and heavy goods vehicles – are higher still. The Kwik Fit survey revealed other irritations too. Tailgating – that was the most hated habit of the last survey in 2010 – has slipped to second spot as it was only named by forty-two percent of the survey respondents. This was followed by failing to indicate in third position (thirty-five percent), dangerous overtaking in fourth (thirty percent), and middle lane cruisers in fifth (twenty-six percent).

Most Hated Motoring Habits In The United Kingdom

The Kwik Fit survey revealed a wider range of irritations than phone use, etc. The full list – that incorporates the views of more than two-thousand adults in the United Kingdom 

Kwik Fit Boss Discusses Bad Motoring Habits

Kwik Fit Director of Communications, Roger Griggs, revealed: “These driving habits aren’t just annoying, they are dangerous and some of them against the law. You’re four times more likely to have an accident if you use a mobile while driving (based on information from the Department for Transport's THINK! Campaign) in addition to the frustration it causes for fellow motorists. Mr Griggs added: “And with on-the-spot penalties for motorists who hog the middle lane, tailgate or cut-up other vehicles being introduced last year, it highlights just how serious these anti-social driving behaviours are being taken.”

Britain's Top Ten Most Hated Road Habits

This driving habit: hated by this proportion of drivers:
Using a mobile handset to talk/text 47%
Tailgating 42%
Failing to indicate 35%
Dangerous overtaking 30%
Middle lane cruisers 26%
Last minute braking 23%
Undertaking 19%
Hesitant driving 12%
Being slow away from traffic lights 12%
Jumping the lights 10%

Nick, You mentioned in an earlier post that you thought that other drivers were making a point. A point about what? If you felt that then you must be aware that you were causing some level of irritation to other road users. While I don't condone any aggressive driving it does get my back up when the so called saintly motorist who is doing 69.9 mph in the middle lane and takes the attitude that they "should not have to make concessions in order for the law breakers to maintain their illegal speeds". You appear to be advocating driving to irritate anyone who does more than 70mph which would be to irritate and wind up 70% of those driving on the motorway! Good luck with that one then.

One for AJ AJ really, in response to your comment that I should maybe take heed of the actions of motorway users that persistently drive 80+ mph and recklessly attempt cut you up as if to make a point about lane discipline; I am certainly not an oblivious (or awkward) lane hogger and will always move over if there is nothing to the left that I sense may cause me to reduce my speed (generally 65-70 mph) at any point. The point is that driving persistently at speeds >70mph is breaking the law and that law-abiding road users should not have to make concessions in order for the law breakers to maintain their illegal speeds. These are same people who drop their speed to the limit when they mistake a Highway Agency vehicle for a Police car, and then more often than not speed up again once they realise they were mistaken.

I am with Pete on the traffic light thing too. But another thing... those information signs on the M4 that are meant to help you with traffic congestion information. They have spent £1000s on them and what a total waste of time. When they indicate a problem ahead and you can come off at earlier junction they have been often left on from the day before! There is not point in having them unless the information on them is accurate. One day I saw a "queue ahead" warning for two consecutive signs on the way to J13. The last one prior to J14 from which I could take an alternative route was turned off so I assumed that the problem had been cleared. Nope! A not in use sign might have helped. I just ignore them now. they may as well use them for something like football or cricket scores!

The one annoyance that really gets my blood pressure up is traffic lights. They change to red when there's nothing on the adjoining road waiting & I'm/we're sat like twonks waiting for nothing. They've spent millions installing magnetic strips into the road at RTL's but they don't seem to work correctly. Also why do we have RTL's at roundabouts that are illuminated 24 hrs a day when at 03.00 there's no traffic. Sat waiting for nothing again.

How about suicide drivers who have their headlights on during day light hours! Why you say, well the Army during the Gulf crisis used headlights as camouflage when coming out of the sun. Yep you got it, when the sun is on the horizon you cannot be seen at motorway intersections, junctions, when overtaking etc. Just another European law that has been taken up by the posers and none observant in the UK. SWITCH THEM OFF.

Keith Burns has reminded me of another really annoying thing some drivers do, incorrect use of those damn front fog lights! What is it with people and front fog lights? Do they really want to dazzle motorists coming the other way so much that their retinas are fried or is it just a fashion "Ooh look at me and my car" thing. Yes Keith, rear fog lights (especially in the dark and wet) are annoying and dangerous, but front fogs are just a bleedin fashion accessory and serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

The habits I loathe are hogging the overtaking lane on dual carriageways and motorways, and also those people, who, approaching a junction, indicate that they are going to turn left into a side road, then stop or slow right down before leaving the main carriageway. Being in a tourist area, we get that here all the time.

I have just returned from Brighton and lane discipline on the A23 is atrocious. I saw one guy in a white Mini who sat in lane 3 at 68 mph and was undertaken at least 6 times whilst I was in his vicinity. And yes, he did have people tailgating him and flashing their lights too. I wonder how he would respond to this survey! My pet hates are middle lane hoggers, tailgaters, incorrect use of rear fog lights, lazy signallers (the IAM rule is indicate 4 times before moving and not "one flick and I'm coming"), those who don't thank me when I have clearly waited for them to come through a mutual gap (Grrrr!) and those who indicate RIGHT on leaving a roundabout - why?) I'm sympathetic to those who can't think ahead on roundabouts or don't anticipate lights changing to green or get in the wrong lane because they don't live locally, but I would ban loud music in cars - how can that be safe? There are countless drivers who don't know that you have to yield for buses indicating right on leaving a bus stop - if you travel on a bus you would be amazed how this happens continuously - total ignorance. I would also ban those new cars that have front lights that come on without the rear lights - it is gong to cause so many accidents in poor visibility conditions. Other than that, most drivers are almost as good as me! :)


It is perfectly legal to pass on the "inside" in the UK, provided your lane is moving faster than the lane to your right. Of course the Americans have a simpler idea, just indicate your intention to change lanes, then overtake or undertake to your heart's desire. There is nothing to compare with commuting in heavy traffic on a 10-lane highway to see every possible overtake going on.

Just looking at Tony Dobney's comment, I think he means, mirror, signal, manoeuvre and not what he's put down in his comment, okay!!!

You can't just generalise, I remember when I was younger (much younger) I had all those bad driving habits people mention, weaving in and out of lanes to gain one or two car lengths only to be held up at the next set of traffic lights or roundabout, middle lane hogging, etc. What I have found is that as I have got older my driving style has become less frenetic, and I do all the right things like move to the nearside lane unless overtaking, don't use my phone while driving unless answering an incoming call on a hands-free set etc. I think driving becomes like life, as you get older your in no hurry to get to the end. Perhaps we should not allow people to drive until well into middle age...

Let us hope, someone clever enough can devise a gadget that will automatically cut the engine on a persons car once the phone starts to ring. OK, you might say this could be dangerous, but if it is made law that NO mobile phones unless in a properly fitted hands free kit can be answered then there would be no problem. Alternatively the gadget could render the phone unusable until the vehicle is stationary. Clearly the fines and points system doesn't work, so then it will have to be made mandatory.

Try the signal, manoeuvre, mirror brigade and just as bad are the ill disciplined 'clowns' that will not merge in turn when two lanes become one, this is proven to be the quickest way to alleviate congestion, recommended in The Highway Code AND IS SIGNED IN MANY TWO INTO ONE SITUATIONS, HOWEVER, you still get the self appointed lane police idiots (often small vans, light commercials and bus/coaches) that drive straddling the lines half a mile back from the actual incident or signage thereby stopping traffic moving normally. They should all be put on driving awareness courses forthwith!

Those old enough to remember the opening of the first motorway will recall that the left is the slow lane, next is the fast lane and then the overtaking lane. So that takes care of 50% of the drivers on the road. In many countries the rule of the road is pull to the middle lane before an exit ramp and stay there under the bridge until past the entrance ramp to give everyone space to leave and join. Then again, in Germany the advantages of the keep to the slow lane are obvious as one can travel at 155mph on two lane roads without a problem. Then again they also arrest truck drivers for overtaking for 25km of no overtaking zones, restricting them to the inside lane. They then have short overtaking zones.

I believe the first rule of the road is ,keep to the left unless overtaking with rule number 2 being give way to the right. Indicators are just that, an indicator that a manoeuvre is about to happen, not a god given right to pull out and cause the world to break. Still I drive an Audi so probably should not be taken seriously in a discussion about annoying driving habits ;-)

The life riskers who pull in and out and turn without indicating simply because they are too IDLE to flick a switch

I hate people that save electric by only using their right turn indicator when lights change to green especially when I am behind them

nick d, Sigh! Just my point, there is no slow lane and no fast lane. Only overtaking lanes. Perhaps you should take heed of the point you seem to think the drivers driving across your path are making!

People who think that lane 1 (the inside lane) is the "Slow Lane" and that lane 3 is the "Fast Lane". If there's no-one in front of you, you should be in lane 1, no matter what speed you are doing. Perhaps some people are making a valid point.

I find it infuriating that the outside lane is the 'new' inside lane. It appears that the norm these days is to stay in the outside lane, doing 85+ mph - on your phone in one hand - with no one in the middle lane. Grrrr

Drivers who slow down to a complete stop when approaching a roundabout, despite it being perfectly obvious that there are absolutely no other vehicles anywhere in sight.

People flying down the middle lane at 80mph i find infuriating. Worse still those who 'sweep' across the motorway at 80mph directly across your path to the slow lane, as if to prove a point. I say if you wish to break the law then kindly stay in the fast lane, and out of harms way.

I am surprised that Middle lane cruising only makes it to number 5. Mind you 19% say that undertaking is hated so I presume that 19% are IQ challenged people which are sitting in the middle lane on motorways long enough to be undertaken!