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MOT Rush in March 2018 - Do You Need to Book Urgently?

Why MOT centres have a huge workload, plus how to check when your car needs its test and tips to limit hassle/expense

New car registrations

MOT centres face their busiest month for decades so check now whether your car needs testing in March 2018, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders figures suggest. But why? During March 2015 - 3 years ago this month - new car registrations reached a new, record, high for this millennium. Exactly 492,774 found homes.

Such cars have now reached the age they have to be inspected annually (by law). MOT centres, therefore, have to establish whether these half million machines meet minimum safety and environmental standards over only a few weeks – on top of testing older vehicles. That is a lot of work in a short time. For context:

  • In February 2015, new car registrations were only 76,958
  • In April 2015, new car registrations were only 185,778
  • In 2015, new car registrations totalled 2,633,503

Why demand was strong

Various factors boosted demand in March 2015. The registration plate tag that reveals the age of vehicles evolved, for instance. It became “15” rather than “64”. There is traditionally stronger than average demand whenever the age tag evolves. New models, flexible finance offers and low-interest rates further facilitated.

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Free MOT Checker

The Regit MOT Checker is the fast, free, and convenient means to confirm whether your car is due inspection. Simply enter its registration number to get started. Furthermore, if a test is not needed for a while reminders eliminate any concern you might forget, fall foul of the law then face significant legal penalties.

Knowing when your vehicle requires inspection also helps you maximise the chance of passing, book at the most beneficial moment and potentially slash your expenditure if it fails. Recognise that:

  • The test can be booked any time irrespective of when any current certificate expires. However, book within a month and any time remaining on the last certificate is added to its newer counterpart. This is preferable to waiting for the last minute then struggling to find a centre that has availability.
  • £54.85 is the most a centre can charge to test your car.
  • If your vehicle has a warranty that expires imminently, book your test beforehand to minimise how much you pay for repairs.
  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency suggested half the cars that fail have minor, low cost, faults you can fix easily in advance. 30% have light and signalling problems, for example. A new bulb is the typical solution. Furthermore, 10% fail for tyres and 8.5% for mirror, wiper, or washer problems.

Never forget your MOT again