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MOT Scheme Garages To Be Named And Shamed

Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency To Name And Shame Bad MOT Garages

The Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency will soon name and shame Vehicle Testing Stations that have been removed from the MOT Scheme via disciplinary action. Garages could be banned for not providing a reasonable level of service, etc. This follows an announcement from Justine Greening MP which stressed that the Government is committed to making life easier for motorists. As such, the Agency – that will launch in April 2014 and incorporate the Driving Standards Agency and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency – will issue monthly e-mails to interested parties. These will reveal the Stations that have been removed, their locations and the reasons for exclusion, etc. The benefit of making this information easily available is that it will help motorists make informed decisions. A driver might, for example, choose not to take his/her car to a garage that has been excluded, even for a minor repair. Why bother when there are countless mechanics that provide excellent service for a fair charge? Furthermore, if mechanics know that their errors – or perhaps laziness - will be public knowledge it might encourage them to reconsider their work ethic – and that might benefit motorists.

MOT Scheme Enforcement In The United Kingdom

The MOT Scheme ensures that – as far as practical – cars, motorbikes and vans are assessed consistently and correctly throughout the country. There are about twenty thousands garages permitted to evaluate vehicles in this manner, and they can be identified via the MOT Logo that incorporates a blue background and three white triangles. Naturally, Vehicle Testing Stations have to meet certain standards and compliance is enforced via a variety of measures. These include re-testing recently assessed vehicles to confirm the original conclusions are correct. There are mystery shoppers too. This might require an enforcer to send a car for a test knowing it has a blown exhaust, worn brakes and a light on the dashboard that suggests the electronic stability program is faulty. He/she then notes whether the mechanic spots these errors. The mechanic should not, in contrast, invent problems to increase revenue. Furthermore, Vehicle Testing Stations fees are limited so they cannot charge more than £54.85 to test cars that have up to eight passenger seats. They can charge less, however – and many do as a marketing technique. Other fees include: motorbikes (£29.65), motorbikes with side-cars (£37.80), motor caravans (£54.85), ambulances (£54.85) and playbuses (£80.65).

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Formula one garage Bletchley Milton Keynes. Took car in for new tyre, was told I needed new breaks and disc, I said I'll take it to my usual garage, when I did I was told there was nothing wrong with them! Had loads of mileage left. (In fact didn't need doing for 8 months after) I feel like they tried to scam me being a lady!

Took my volvo to Mr Clutch Slough as the clutch had gone and after three weeks of mucking around never been able to fix it. it was seen been towed in the town so i popped in to check whats wrong and when will it be fixed. to be told it has been fixed and wa sout on test. i said ill wait then as shame not to collect it on its return while im there. then told they always keep it another day to check on ramp once run in etc etc. all lies was taken to volvo Slough as they couldnt fix it and Volvo would not let me find out what was happening as i had not bought my own car into them. eventually got it back four weeks after start and loan car which i charged them for. to then have it fail after very few miles whilst coming of a ferry in Ireland on a bank holiday monday. towed to garage who dealt with it next day but again had to wait for origanal parts from UK as it was all splintered as not fitted with all new parts and bodged together fly whell was never replaced as staed etc. manager had since gone and no one would deal with the issue all lost in the corparate wheels of MR CLUTCH. over just under £2000 twice on car not worth £4000 now. always deal with a small one man garage as their work depends on you and recommendation. that is for everything from cars to the butcher from corner shop to multi.Chris

I took my car to Bridgend garage Ayr for service & MOT and they phoned me that day to say I needed new brake Cylinders but couldnt get them till following day. The following day tues they phoned to say they didnt get my service done but it would definately get done on the wednesday day. On the wednesday day they returned my car and when I went to drive it there were no brakes. Went back to garage & they said it was ok but to allow plenty of braking distance & didnt check it so I got a mechanic from another garage to check it on the thursday and he said I couldnt drive it as it was dangerous and had no brakes as the vacuum pipe was burst hence no brakes. The garage had put my car thru a MOT on tues day without any work being done on it and did the service on the wednesday. I could have been killed if I had continued to drive especially without brakes thanks to Bridgend garage

Went to formula 4 garage in Redditch Worcestershire, I looked at my windscreen wipers before l went for my Mot got new ones from Halfords they fitted them FOC also checked tyres for me. So guess what Formula 4 failed my car on you got it right what a bunch of scam artist wanted £178 for wipers & tyres never again.

I changed to a family run MOT business after I found out a big business was actually using them to do MOTs anyway, then charging me an admin fee on top. Bit of a scam really. I now get the same job done without 'the extras'.

Hi as the owner of a testing centre, i am appalled at the bad comments, especially the one company.You must go to a trustworthy testing centre and if you are not satisfied ask to see the BOSS, we do not want any bad vibes about our garages because this is our livelihoods, unlike the NATIONAL companies who do not give a sh.t, just their bonuses.thanks eric roberts

My wife use to take her car to Quick Fit in Otley for her MOT. two years running it failed on Head light alignment on one light. first year I turned the bulb 180 it passed. Next year it failed again so I did the same thing back to original position it passed again. My wife works at Sainsbury's 6 other employees had the same fail on their cars for MOT's head light alignment. Real probel or scam make your own mind up. Likewise complained offered vouchers for tyres.

I would never use kwik fit Blackpool.take a brake problem into them they just have a set procedure they charge you for and the car comes out with same fault.complain about it and they just offer you discount on tyres.I prefer a mobile mechanic who gets it right every time.

I had an interesting experience with Kwik Fit in Leicester. Rear shocks had definitely gone on my Cavalier so took it to Kwik Fit who put it up on the ramp. Their 'mechanic' pointed out the welded seam the length of the pipe on the 2-month old exhaust system and tried to tell me it was rust coming through from the inside of the pipe and that it needed replacing. I told him I'd pass on that for the time being and then he suggested I buy a new pipe from them and take it home for later. Never used Kwik Fit since then - 25 years ago.4051

there are millions of cars on the road that would be obvious mot failures. a lot of things checked in a mot test can be done at home.

Took my van into BPA service centre Leigh for a brake binding. They had it all day charged me £70 to diagnose and said nothing wrong. A few weeks later MOT failed due to worn brake pads. I was so annoyed I paid a mobile mechanic to repair. Guy also said that the oil filter hadn't been changed on the last service which BPA had done. Now I dont use garages. Prefer mobile mechanis that I watch like a hawk and take the vehicle to the local council mot station.

I been robbed with Kwik Fit Gold Hawk Road in Hammersmith my ordeal with them 2 yrs ago is unimaginable. Don't bring your car ever to them!

Kwickfit have been robbers for years. I feel sorry for the elderly and im getting there but will never go there again. Not going into detail but once bitten twice shy. ROBBER

New lane motors (stanton hill in ashfield nottingahmshire)failed my fiesta Ghia on a So many things i could not believe it. Asked how much to correct they said £250 inc parts. I did not believe them. So I took it to Redfern coaches in Mansfield and they passed it! Mot centers the majority are a licence to print money.

any one suspicious of a third party garage doing repairs and getting the mot ne can be cross checked on dvla website.if there was a fail or even notifications,then that can be checked free on government website.all dated and any one buying a motor only needs registration to check vehicle history of mot fails etc

I took my Peugeot 407 to Kwik fit for an MOT. 2 hours after dropping the car off I received a phone call telling me the clutch needed replacing, with a price tag of 1000.00. I told them it would have to wait. 2 years later and 2 trips to the Lake district towing my caravan from Essex the clutch is still going strong

Well spotted Keith! The Pic of the thumping great pair of adjustable on that tiny nut/bolt made me laugh as well.

Kwikfit in Dartford town centre, failed my Cherokee jeep on a track rod end rubber and an offside headlight being too low, I paid the failure fee, and booked to have work done, £166,I was suspicious about the rubber, took it to another garage in Bromley, they passed it, after re fixing the battery strap, that was loose. Kwikfit are on a job creation roll, and are failing sound vehicles to get work,in my opinion,and they should not be allowed to get away with. Cost me it. Cost for MOT + STRAP £64.00 Saving £100. Shame on you Kwikfit Dartford.

Kwik Fit in Monmouth failed my car on two perfectly legal, rear tyres. This was despite me taking them off to check them carefully a few days previously. They had a minimum of 2mm of tread all around and across the width. They won't catch me out again.

I have not been near a kwikfit since they failed my car on non existent faults -all of which they just happened t fit on a regular basis. I saw another car that was condemned on a `free` brake service with a demand for £1000 to put right that eventually cost £35 elswhere. and was told by one of the staff that they have a instructions to target customers with £800 eachand saw a woman in a nearly new people carrier that her wheel wobble was warped discs then heard the mechanic laughing about her stupidity because a balance weight had fallen off a wheel.I suspect that Halford are following the same path having been told by a local tyre fitter that Halfords had failed a car on defective tyres that had nothing wrong whatsoever

The picture at the top of the item says it all the use of an adjustable spanner. No decent would ever have one in this tool box let alone use one. I was taught this while doing my aprentship in the early 70's in the motor trade.

Garage Services at Wincburgh operated by Andrew & Gavin have never let me down and are soon going to have their own Mot Station save double trip

Would not let that mechanic in your picture anywhere near my car, he's using an adjustable spanner on the engine!

Garage quoted me 260 pounds for job then charged me 319 pounds

I have a Mitsubishi Lancer and i always take it to Bicester Tyre and exhaust. They MOT it service it every year and the over all cost is always is about £200. When i had the cam belt changed i thought here comes a big bill but no only £5o more. All the boys at the garage are very good and do not rip me off

Very good idea as long as it is the mechanic is taken off the testers list

MoT's generally aren't worth the paper they're written on.... They're wholly dependant on the mood and knowledge of the tester on the day. I certainly wouldn't buy a car based on it having a full MoT! That's why over the years I've become pretty proficient at motor vehicle maintenance and do my repairs myself.... I simply wouldn't trust anyone else. If the government really gave a monkeys about motorists, as the MP quoted states, they'd either invest massively in our appalling roads or reduce road tax/fuel duty/vat on fuel duty to reflect what we are forced to drive on! I've wrecked three wheels and snapped a suspension spring in the three months of this year alone through pothole damage. I pay over a thousand pounds a year in road tax on my four vehicles, not to mention a small fortune in fuel duty....I expect much better tbh

Not all garages are the same im a tester for a main dealer and even if they told me to fail i wouldnt every car gets treat the same

These cowboys need cleaning up. In the army I was a qualified vehicle test inspector and their standards are high. Used to MOT my cars with boss on Saturdays: one day when busy sent his 'cowboy' who said "I'm looking for something on which to fail it and appeared with a big hammer: I put the pit covering on him and never been there since.

So let’s say a tester is using the common dodge of failing cars on the basis that the headlights are misaligned when they’re not. The station is struck off and the tester moves on to do the same thing somewhere else.

I find it best to take a car to a "not for profit" test centre. My local bus depot and also my local BT staff garage will do tests but do not do service or repairs to the public, so have no motive in trying to defraud.

Took my car into National tyres for two new front tyres they told me I needed replacement disks and pads on the front. Two week later took it to my Ford dealer for it's MOT, passed fine with a recommendation that the REAR brake pads were 70% worn and will need replacing sometime in the future. Lesson number one, never take your car to a tyre and exhaust garage for a MOT.

there is another little earner. At some garages the4 examiners get a bonus for each item failed and repaired at the garage. nice one cecil!!!

MOT are about safety - if a MOT examiner does not give a correct result, it should be criminal prosecutions for fraud for failing things that are ok and for passing things that should have failed compulsory jail time.

Took my BMW to a BMW garage in Oxford, failed it's MOT due to 'excessively corroded fuel pipe'. Quoted me £975.00 to fix. Took it to another garage, said there was a 'nick' in the rubber covering and they 'fixed' it with a dab of rubber paint - cost £5.00 (and only because I insisted on paying them something!) The car passed the MOT the same day.

...and you can't always trust some schemes that purport to provide names of good, reliable garage services. I have a friend who is a mechanic and wanted to get his garage mentioned on the Good Garage scheme, a website that recommends garages in your area. He was told that they would list his garage if agreed to purchase a quantity of Forte lubricants each month. And guess what, The Good Garage Scheme is run by Forte Lubricants. They have only recently made this more obvious on their website but it doesn't say that members have to purchasea their lubricants. Following an TV advert I saw on ITV3 I complained to the ASA as the scheme was clearly misleading. My complaint was upheld and the advert pulled. Google "good garage scheme asa" for more information. The bottom line is that you will have to go on personal recommendation. You cannot even trust web reviews!

i took my Citroen to a garage near me it failed on suspension that was five year ago i have never don any work on car and ist passed all MOT since at different garages

I don`t know if it is nationwide, but certainly where I live in Lancashire, tyre and exhaust centres are the biggest con artists. They sublet M.O.T`s and even if the vehicle has passed, they say it failed and refuse to show the failure certificate. They just happen to have the failed part in stock and can fix it but it will need another test after (which will be charged for but trousered, because it has already passed).

All well and good, but lets hope the goverment/DVLA never make any mistakes and put garages that haven't done anything wrong on by mistake! Appearing on such a list by accident could very easily kill a perfectly good legitimate business. It's not like DVLA have never made mistakes before...

We were quoted over £400 by Tanvic in Corby to get my partners Citroen through its MOT. A garage nearby charged us £160 including a new MOT charge. Needless to say we will never go there again. We tried to report them to trading standards but they didn't want to know.

Sounds good in theory! What about MOT Stations doing cutprice MOTs and then charging for Headlamp Alignment that didn't need doing or Number plate Bulbs that have just been changed needing replacing again. There are more rip off merchants in the motor industry than genuine mechanics.

Great idea,naming and shaming might get rid of the pirates who try to con,most by saying the vehicle needs things that are not necessary so as to get the work