posted 2 years ago

MOT Testers Face New Assessments To Improve Standards

New rules for both new, and experienced, MOT testers to assure public their vehicles are safe to be on the road.

Number of MOT tests carried out in Great Britain

New MOT testers and managers must pass a new qualification to improve standards in industry from September 2016, The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency said (DVSA). It confirmed that, in Great Britain, 27 million tests are carried out annually; the “vast majority” correctly. It is, however, acting as “some errors” occur.

Such mistakes might have unfortunate consequences. The purpose of the MOT is to ensure that vehicles meet minimum safety and environmental standards. On this basis, errors might return them to the road in a dangerous state – poor brakes, perhaps – or likely to pollute excessively which is bad for the environment/public health. 

The MOT qualification is recognised nationally and its purpose is to minimise mistakes. To be eligible, candidates must have a technical qualification such as NVQ in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, plus at least 4 years experience in the trade. Passing the MOT Demonstration test in front of a DVSA examiner proves competence.

Annual training and assessment

That is only the start, however. MOT testers – new and experienced - must now be trained and assessed annually, the Driver & Vehicle  Standards Agency said. This initiative replaces the previous, 5 year, refresher course with 3 hours training per-annum. Candidates must pass the assessment between April 1st and March 31st every year.

Vehicle safety a “top priority”

DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn, explained: “Checking your vehicle is safe to drive is one of our top priorities. Ensuring the quality of MOT testing will ensure customers can be confident their vehicle will be tested in a highly professional manner.”

He added: “The new qualification, as well as the annual training and assessment, will continue to build on the professional reputation of the MOT industry. It will help DVSA to regularly assess the standard of the industry and quickly address any problems that arise.”

MOT testers do “excellent job”

Transport Minister, Lord Ahmad, continued: “MOT testers do an excellent and essential job ensuring that vehicles are fit to be driven on our roads. We want all workers to be proud of their profession and drivers to be sure they are getting the right test result.” 

He added: “We are introducing this new qualification and training and assessment regime to further boost the reputation of the profession. By achieving this new qualification, garages or testers will enable their businesses to flourish.” 

Lord Ahmad emphasised the consequences of failure too. He argued: “Where standards are not being met, DVSA has an obligation to protect the public by withdrawing authority to carry out MOT testing.”