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MOT Testing to meet tougher standards

From January 2012 a big overhaul of the MOT test will be implemented

From January 2012 a big overhaul of the MOT test will be implemented. The overhaul, which was announced by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, comes as the Government considers delaying the first MOT test until a car is four years old and extending the interval between inspections from one year to two. The tougher rules are being brought in to comply with EU requirements aimed at ensuring that the testing regime covers the latest innovations.

The new checks will include inspecting a series of dashboard warning lights telling drivers if there is a problem with their airbags, tyre pressures, power steering and main headlight beam. Power steering will be subject to inspection with the MOT demanding a minimum level of fluid. Anti lock brakes and electronic stability control systems will also be checked.

The new checks will also ensure the new generation powerful headlights do not dazzle oncoming motorists.

An AA spokesman said “the test is being brought in to make sure that all this new technology works properly, it means if you buy a nearly new car you will have to double check that all the warning lights are working properly, or you could be left with a hefty bill. The upside is that if you buy a car with an MOT you will know that these things have been tested properly.”


Many of these new cars now, have warranty for up to seven years now, some are offering life time warranty, so from my veiw these faults should be fixed under warranty, which the buyer is paying for in some form or other. So i"m left wondering why we"ll have to pay twice now for these checks, or is this the best sting yet against the motorist. Is the government giving out grants to help pay extra costs. No pay rise for three years!eddie

If you look at the so called New regulations I am sure that with a bit of common, you will see that they are already covered by the present MOT rules if the testers would look carefuly.

hit the poor dam motorist again. another way for the government to clobber the motorist. the government already get enough money from the motorist. tax the motorist so they can get themselves out of the finantial mess this country is in. and if you think about it they got us in this mess to start with. why should we pay for thier mistakes.

Mr Slater, you do realise that headlight alignment is already in the MOT, so nothing is going to change there. Leaving full beams on cannot really be tested and yes, it is illegal to drive with fog lights on if its not foggy so if these people are caught they will be fined.

The MOT test should be unnecessary, but unfortunately so many motorists in britain fail to look after their cars properly and the law has to set a MINIMUM standard, this is the MOT test. As an Autoelectrician I see some cars that should not be on the road but can only advise that "I have repaired your lights but your brakes badly need attention" etc. Remember your car should be capable of passing an MOT at any time, not just once a year. I think that any car presented for MOT and fails should automatically earn the registered keeper points on their licence. People think it's about money, it's not, it's about safety and that person driving with the ABS light on may just be coming towards you on a wet road one day.

The mot is ok as it is the problem is that there are 1000s of cars on the road which never get tested this should be the first priority to get these cars of the road

at what cost is this extra testing going to be, the existing average charge of £50.oo is bad enough, but more time testing these extra items will increase the fee by how much?

I agree the MOT should be held every 2yrs, makes sense, with the standard of cars nowadays. I MOT'd my Toyota for 16yrs until it was 21 yrs old and usually did not need to do anything to it for about 3-4yrs once it had gotten through.

I think the MOT should focus mainly onmechanical safety of the vehicle, ie. shocks, brakes, leaks. etc. not minor electronics.

and the new cost is!!!!

2 year checks starting after 4 years welcome, cars are better built than in years past. Check should be purely Safety related, but drivers must start taking more responsibility for their vehicles; everyones driving so fast they are not allowing safety margins so the vehicle systems, brakes, lights etc must be in tip top condition to cope. either that or just slow down!

Its about time something was done about the bad idiotic drivers that have badly adjusted headlights or leave there main beam on! and for the record people should be fined for leaving there fog lights on too! inconsiderate morons!.........

Just another pointless way of getting more money out of the allready hard hit motorist these further checks have nothing to with a cars safety features.The test is more than adequate at this moment,but once the EU start these pointless rules and regulations our government say nothing or even block any of these stupid new ideas.I have no time for the EU they have brought the uk into many guidelines and regulations that are absolute nonsense for all business people and the ordinary person off the street.Down with the EUt

More EU intrusion and more cost for the motorist !!!!

safety fetaures like steering fluid checks are a welcome addition, but why should the motorist pay for the enormous numbers of warning light illuminations which are solely down to poor auto electrics, faulty sensors, poor automotive cabling harnesses and joints that are affected by heat? - we all know that it is the manufacturers of said systems that should be offering a better warranty and that modern day electronics arent up to scratch or wanted. Who cares if the washer bottle lamp is illuminated as a result of a poor sensor if the washer system works? and so on for boot open and top up water signals that are fictitious. A pain yes, MOTable?- NO, IMO.

are we britain anymore or does eu run the country

Sounds reasonable to me, especially the headlights one

This is just another way of squeezing more money out of the already burdened motorist.

Hmm, well, I think this is a good idea. Not sure. What do you guys think?

Whilst it is important to make sure cars are roadworthy, one cannot help but think this is the EU telling us what we can and can't do again and possibly with a chance to up the cost of an MOT test and hit the motorist with more financial worry.

Thats ok bringing these rules in but you wan't to get tougher with the car manufactures bmw has got a known problem with the braking /traction control unit on the 1 series but no one has done anything about it and bmw won't rectify this problem they wan't at least £1000 to sort out there cock up can anyone advise thanks Dave.

Is there a link to a press release or news article directly from VOSA stating these changes? I'm unable to find reference to such large changes?

it might be a good idea to try and make sure every vehicle on the road that should have an mot do have one first! there are many cars & vans on the road that could not pass any mot test at the moment.

Another RIP OFF

I don't think MOT's should be extended to two years, many people when purchasing used cars rely on a recently done MOT to be a big point in it's favour, despite many getting a very "swift" test by some dealers for selling purposes!

First the LEZ now this. Just another stealth tax. EU regulations my arse

as i understand if any warning lights are on the car will fail well i have a car that the airbag light comes on if the seat is moved . so i could bring my car to get it mot. and the tester could get in and move the seat and the light will come on and my car will fail. that is just tuppeds

The EU may not exist in 2012 so lets drop this load of @Hit The poor who cannot afford a new car every year" the MOT should sort their own house out and IMPROVE OUR ROTTEN ROAD SYSTEM..

No problem with brand new cars, regarding a first test at 4 years - though I think mileage should come into play somewhere. But why not put the others on a sliding scale? Cars wear out and things break! If we now have 2 years without an annual safety check, lord knows what may be left till the last moment! Imagine - 40,000 miles between inspections on a 12 year old car.....

Not sure about the four years / two years change but it seems a good idea to make sure cars on the road are safe. BUT this will cost more and right now is not the time to increase the cost of anything [to the general motorist / citizen]that doesn't HAVE to be done. To those proposing the change I say "wake up and smell the coffee - we can't afford this NOW!"

Absolutely nothing to do with car safety just a further intrusion into our lives by the eu. Vosa is obviously eu compliant like so many organisations in this country. They are trying to destroy the independant garages that make motoring affordable for the majority of us. What hitler failed to do the eu (germany) are succeeding with a few strokes of the pen. Wake up England.

Just another way to get mony off the motorist, whilst I agree withy MOTs in general, what is not good is 1 they dont give ant garrentee, the moment you drive the care away from the testing station. 2 If you are buying a car with say 10 months MOT it meens nothing as above the MOT is only good for the day it was at the MOT Station, and you have no come back on the MOT station. 3 Also if they bring this in then these items should be included in the makers service policy, becouse at the moment they arnt in most garages.

Not a bad thing especially with all the dazzling headlights out there these days!

From the evidence of cars around this part of South Norfolk, they could start with enforcing current requirements regarding lights! There seem to be one heck of a lot of vehicles driving around with defective Headlights, Parking lights, Rear Lights and Brake Lights! One vehicle yesterday - a Saab 9.3 - seemed to have its brake lights permanently on! Either that or somehow it was braking even whilst accelerating!

An MOT certificate only means the vehicle was ok ON THE DAY OF TEST. This will not change with the new MOT tests.

At the same time the cost of the test will no doubt go up,as with all things European.