posted 8 years ago

Motability Car Scheme Offers

The Motability Car Scheme is an easy way for disabled motorists to obtain new cars.

The Motability Car Scheme is an easy way for disabled motorists to obtain new cars. The scheme offers two options, the hire purchase agreement or the infinitely more popular three-year contract hire. Let us focus on the latter. Eligible participants must receive either the higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance, or the war pensioners' mobility supplement. The car is paid for using all or part of the relevant benefit, but some pricier models also require an additional advance payment. This value varies considerably.

Noteworthy contract hire bargains - for those claiming the higher rate mobility component - include the excellent Skoda Fabia. This, depending on specification, is available for either no advance payment whatsoever or various amounts up to £1,995. In most cases, this is in addition to the total weekly value of the state benefit. This capable supermini is a worthy choice as it is very easy to drive, reasonably spacious, and has a proven reliability record.

Alternatively, those who fancy slipping into a sleek saloon may prefer a new Mercedes- Benz C-Class. This compact executive status symbol is available, in C180 SE form, for the total weekly benefit plus a £3,499 advance payment. It is also listed in high- specification C220 CDi Sport form for the higher up-front payment of £6,599. Clearly this is a considerable chunk of cash - but the C-Class is a very capable and fashionable machine.

Those in receipt of the war pensioners' supplement may fall for the charms of the Hyundai i30 1.6 TD Premium. This nicely equipped hatchback is available for the weekly value of the benefit, plus an appealingly modest £137 payment. Very nice too. This practical workhorse also offers motorists composed handling, reassuring safety features, and the kind of mechanical build quality that ensures trips to the garage are rare. Excellent stuff.