posted 7 years ago Survey Finds Out What Driving Habits Most Annoy You

More than 350 people took part in our survey to find out what driving habits annoy us most!

More than 350 people took part in our survey to find out what driving habits annoy us most! Participants were asked to give ‘driving habits’ a score from one to five based on how annoying they felt the habit was. A score of one meant they found the habit ‘not annoying’ and a score of five meant they found it ‘very annoying’.

The habits

All participants were quizzed on 10 different habits, which were as follows:
  • Signalling late or not signalling at all
  • Tail-gating your car
  • Driving too slowly
  • Driving too fast
  • Using the phone when driving
  • Hogging lanes on the motorway
  • Not saying thank you for giving way
  • Leaving the high beams on
  • Taking up two parking spaces
  • Being ‘cut up’
The results

The first thing to point out is that the overall average score for all 350 participants across all 10 habits was 3.94 out of five. This means we either found 10 very annoying habits, or people are generally very annoyed by other people’s driving habits when on the road. But who lets other people’s actions get to them most?

Battle of the sexes

Interestingly, the survey found that women were more annoyed than men across ALL 10 of the habits, with an average of 4.16 compared to 3.91 for the men. Women were most annoyed by people tail-gating their cars (4.63), with men more annoyed by people hogging the middle lane (4.33). Men and women were least annoyed by people driving too fast, with women scoring 3.55 and men 3.19.

The full results are here:

Battle of the ages

The survey also considered age brackets, which were as follows:

19 – 25
26 – 30
31 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59

The results showed that 26–30 year olds are most annoyed at the wheel, with a total score of 4.02, the least annoyed group were the 50–59 year olds with 3.91.

In each individual age group there were some similarities and differences. All age groups apart from the over 60s were least annoyed by driving too fast, with the latter being least annoyed with people not saying thank you. It is in the most annoying habits where we see the biggest differences, with 19–25 and 26-30 annoyed by middle lane hogging, 31-39 by bad signalling, 40–49 by being cut up and 50–59 and 60+ were both most annoyed by tail-gating.

Here is the table of results below for all the scores out of five.