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Motorists Could Face Bigger Parking Fines

Cost Of Parking Penalty Charge Notice Could Rise

The Government is considering punishing motorists by raising the cost of the parking penalty charge notice, the Telegraph has reported. As things stand, the maximum fine outside the capital is seventy pounds but there is concern that this fairly small sum is no longer a sufficient deterrent. Furthermore, the cost is inconsistent – and far lower – than the one-hundred and thirty pound fine that can be imposed in the capital city. The Government's Transport Secretary, Norman Baker, therefore told Members of Parliament that: “there is an argument that the maximum charge has not moved in a number of years”, and that it is: “coming out of line with London where it has risen regularly under both the present and the previous mayor”. Mr Baker added: "It can also be argued that if the cost of legitimate parking rises to such a degree that the penalty no longer becomes a deterrent, then that should be looked at." When pressed on what is likely to happen, he said: "I am taking all the evidence which is before me in both directions and reaching a sensible conclusion” and the issue is “not entirely in my hands".

Disadvantages Of Raising Parking Fines

Whereas there is a case for punishing those that cause disruption by parking inconsiderately, Mr Baker admitted that raising the cost of the penalty charge notice could be controversial. He therefore said: "It could be argued that any increase would send the wrong messages during a difficult time in the economy to motorists”, and that “the impact on a town centre might be detrimental if the excess charges are introduced.” There would, inevitably, also be thousands of people that assume the purpose of the rise is to raise money for the authorities rather than to encourage responsible/legal parking. Furthermore, the Automobile Association is not in favour of increasing the fine. As such its President, Edmund King, said: "It's hard enough at the moment for motorists to cope with the cost of fuel and insurance - just keeping the car running is a struggle for them. Our concern would be that local authorities become reliant on the fines as income (and that) it becomes a method of raising revenue rather keeping traffic flowing." But whatever the advantages and disadvantages - and whoever is in power - the fine will increase at some point. Inflation alone ensures it is inevitable.



Don't park illegally and any parking fine, no matter what it is will not bother you. Simply as!!

The war on drivers was ended 18 months ago yet i see more and more determined ways of squeezing every last penny out of drivers. The traffic wardens are putting more tickets on cars more than ever and 40% or more were wrongly given yet the councils keep the money and coming out with very lame excuses for keeping the money. Drivers have only a set amount of money and people will stop sticking to the law. The first thing people will do is stop paying for car insurance then tax, all because officials think we are a cash cow to be emptied any time the funds get short. It's absolutely despicable.

I would consider it as grossly unfair and against my Civil Liberties and possibly my human rights to be punished more severely (by my government or any public body) than other people for an offence. Points on a licence or time in jail is the same for everyone except some can afford to hire a driver. A financial penalty that should be a punishment for committing an offence, a deterrent against re-offending and an administration charge is not the same for everyone. Fining someone £70 who exists on the basic State pension could literally be injurious to their health by depriving him or her of food while for those in the upper executive bracket £70 represents no punishment at all but is rather a reasonable charge for parking when or where they want to. Equality under the Law is an important principle of Justice but in order to be treated equally where financial penalties are concerned the matter of proportion must be brought into things. If £70 is the right amount to fine the poorest people then a proportionately equal punishment for those in the upper executive class will be several thousand pounds. For a few top earners it could easily be as much as ten thousand pounds for a parking fine. The chances of receiving fair treatment or justice in this country is becoming increasingly slim. There should be a prison alternative; at least inside it is dry and warm and they feed inmates better than some pensioners eat and council tax doesn't have to be paid...

"“there is an argument that the maximum charge has not moved in a number of years”, and that it is: “coming out of line with London where it has risen regularly under both the present and the previous mayor” - Is he going to make sure that the wages outside the capital are going to change to be in line with London? I don't think so some how...

The government and the local authority are not increasing parking fines for disruption, they are using it as another avenue to raise money.

Simple, we park predominately to visit high street retailers. Local councils should build car parks, financed by retailers and free to motorists.The big retailers should understand, if we can't get to you, you will not survive

Very simple answer. Park correctly, in correct place for the allowed time. Result: No Parking Charge. As to Disabled Bays being abused and unlawful use of Blue Badges - a crack-down is NEEDED.

It really is time for the 30 million plus UK motorists and vehicle owners, to exercise their voting power and voice. 1. Challenge the increases and pester local MP's email them. 2. Understand the Highway Code Parking regulations. 3. Challenge your PCN'S with this Knowledge. 4. If in doubt contact Barry Segal renowned Parking Law Enforcement Guru. Check him out on Google. For £10 he really will help you overturn PCN's incorrectly issued. 5. Many PCN's are issued with technical faults. No clear signs, incorrect times, etc etc etc.

My local council got a smart car with a camera on top for parking enforcement, it made so much money the next year they got another one and there is always two people in them

In reference to Brin Philips who says "Some nieve comments here! The Gov know that statistically there are always people who will get caught, its not about don't do it. Its a source of revenue that has been reviewed and a way of bringing in reveune without reference to inflation-very naughty in my opinion-there should be a formula for this!" I say there is a formula for this! It goes something like.......Banks mess up + Government require extra revenue for pay increase x Government expenses fraud = Motorist criminalised!

Politicians fail to tackle real problems and more often than not, go for schemes that are poorly resourced or misdirected. If we're to have parking restrictions then they need to be fairly and properly enforced. Round my area cars are badly parked, cause obstruction or in defiance of parking restrictions (eg disabled bays constantly occupied illegally). The local authority won't apply enforcement in places where it's politically sensitive or awkward to exercise.

Now that the crocks let loose on the working men, and councillors that do not have to pay for parking as well as politicians, as the increase their income from the public purse, openly rob the general public. Dose people are not held responsible for their action. Robing the savings of Pensioners, end maybe even killing them in Hospitals, Just listen to the News.

Bludy crooks all of em. But then whats new. The government collusion with rip offs is amazing.

Secret is never give the parking wardens a chance! Firstly READ the signs. Secondly, know the law such as when the local authority cannot levy a fine. Lastly, when in a timed zone, set the count down on your mobil;e phone to give you time to return before the fine! Happy motoring. ps Buy a motorcycle: I can park for free!

Just another predictable British penalty levied on the motorist, doesn't this Stupid Country realise that Drivers are also shoppers. Take a look at the other side of the channel, and see the opposite. Motorists welcome to our village; town; city, come in and spend your money, plenty of free parking for a wide variety of vehicles!!!

i witness this all the time idiots that park where they should not putting peoples lives at risk blocking access for emergency vehicles then moaning when they get parking ticket they should be locked up not just get fined they have a selfish attitude im alright jack stuff you

The key is to have a penalty that 'hurts' every driver the same and one that does not encourage the generation of revenue streams , which is really what parking charges and fines are about these days. Either make it a penalty point on your licence or perhaps having to attend an awareness training scheme paid for by the issuing ticket organisation (yes those speeding course are a money generator, albeit with a point). Parking enforcement should be about smooth traffic flow rather than revenue. Parking restriction that are put in place without good reason need to be made illegal i.e. they are there for revenue generation. When laws are enforced to generate revenue then they are no longer respected, so the revenue stream has to be removed from ALL traffic offences and replaced with points or other similar methods.

I remember watching Disneys Robin Hood and Prince John says "double the taxes, triple the taxes, squeeze every last drop out of those miserable, er, musical peasants." Well, well. Any comparison?

In my town, Leamington Spa they have just taken out some long standing metered parking spaces on a main street and made them all Disabled. Nobody uses all the Disabled spaces anyway - so this is a good revenue collector as more people get fined due to lack of spaces and if they put the cost up, more income to waste on useless parking initiatives, helping to drive people out of town centres. Where is Mary Portas when you need her!

Always the same whining "poor motorist" "we being picked on". Parking or speeding etc just don't do it and you will never have to pay the extra to the "money grabbing government". Park further out and walk/bus don't decide to try to pull a fast one on a yellow line (or whatever) and call foul.

How about lowering the cost of parking instead! And collecting all the fines that the foreign embassies owe.

"Raise the fines". Is that the best answer our government have to anything? I thought they were our leaders - the most intelligent people in our society. Can't they do any better than this?

Perhpas they should look at the fine vs the cost of parking. London: about £24 an hour in some places, so the fine represents about 6 hours parking. Counties: up to about £10 an hour (depending on the city), so the fine represents ... six hours parking. Seems like London has finally caught up with the rest of the country, not the other way round

Some nieve comments here! The Gov know that statistically there are always people who will get caught, its not about don't do it. Its a source of revenue that has been reviewed and a way of bringing in reveune without reference to inflation-very naughty in my opinion-there should be a formula for this.

Yes hit the poor motorist again this is how they will fund there huge pay rises we will pay for it FIX The roads with the money you take from us not your salaries

What is wrong with this.. dont illegally park !! OK so lazy people may have to walk further.

This is a disgrace , The motorists are an easy target where do you think they can find this extra money every thing from fuel car tax fines or geared at the motorists enough is enough

Putting up parking fines....make sure there is enough parking spaces for us to use in the first place and repair the car parks so tha it doesn't look like we have to go off roading to park

When are the local councils going to stop picking on the motorist and find some other way of making money to fund their extravagant lifestyles. I wouldn't mind too much if we got the potholes repaired to save us money on repairing our suspension and tyres

So this is what we really mean. We are going to increase parking fines, as it is an easy way to make money for the local authority, so we can give them less money too. If we tell you about it now, by the time we get round to actually doing it, you won't moan as much as you will be expecting it. Spintastic!

I will be surprised if anyone can actually afford to own a car with all these increases!!