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Motorists Face £20 Fines

New measures to ‘cut pollution’

Motorists will face a £20 fine if they are sat in a stationary car with the engine running, the  new penalty will come into force on 1st May and will apply in two London boroughs. The crackdown is aimed at cutting pollution and will be enforced by a squad of ‘traffic marshals’.  Approximately one hundred officials will be deployed in the London boroughs and other councils across the country will be expected to follow suit to meet strict European environmental targets. Westminster alone will have eighty-five traffic marshals at any one time when the new scheme is introduced. 

Local residents and businesses have great concerns about the air quality in London but the London Taxi Drivers Association said the move would not help London’s air pollution problem.  Other motoring organisations agree and have said the real problem is emissions coming from large vehicles.

A policy is already in force within Camden Council who fine buses that are idle for too long and Islington Council also fine for idling vehicles. Reports show that Westminster has the highest proportion of deaths attributed to air pollution excluding the City of London. A monitoring station for air pollution in Oxford Street recorded that acceptable limit for air pollution had been broken 1503 times last year. 

Fine increase to £40 if not paid within 28 days 

The fines of £20 will increase to £40 if not paid within 28 days and are intended to be a ‘last resort’ if drivers refuse to turn off their vehicles. Parents outside the school gates, on quick shopping runs and station pick ups will most probably fall prey to the fines rather than those motorist stuck in traffic or at red lights. 


this is another stupid law designed to give councils more income!! If I have to wait in my car for longer than 30 mins in winter I shall still run my engine to stop me from freezing!

I have read some good points here, and some silly ones. I don't love the EU or welcome more civil servants on the payroll, but reducing pollution by reducing idling is a Good Thing. There are certain traffic lights around me which always take a long time to change, so I always switch my engine off. When they go amber, I start the engine and engage gear, and am still faster away than others who have left engines running (and in gear with clutch in). The engine is still at operating temperature and starts instantly, and I am convinced that pollution is reduced. Winters are seldom cold enough to cause problems.

another money grabbing scheme

FINES ARE TAXES AND THE POLITICIANS ARE CRIMINALS, LIKE IT OR LUMP IT! Sociable acts, mostly things that we like doing; drinking, smoking etc. etc., that have been socially accepted by the masses for hundreds of years are now being systematically stigmatised then made illegal so as to fine us on mass just like we are taxed on mass. It is called extortion and it is illegal. If you vote for these idiots then you are electing criminals to extort money from us and so you too are then committing a criminal offence. If you pay money (taxes) to these idiots, you are then funding their criminal activity, so you too are then committing a criminal offence. STOP VOTING FOR THEM AND STOP PAYING THEM THE TAXES.

just a note to add to my earlier comments,.. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that benzene causes cancer in humans. Long-term exposure to high levels of benzene in the air can cause leukemia, cancer of the blood-forming organs.

This is the most stupid thing i've heard in a long time, a car gives off considerably more pollution when being started than when idling. Petrol contains benzine for example which is in the vapor of unburnt fuel, this is emitted from the exhaust when starting your car but is burnt off when idling, so we ar going to use benzine to kill people instead of lead! (Benzene works by causing cells not to work correctly. For example, it can cause bone marrow not to produce enough red blood cells, which can lead to anemia. Also, it can damage the immune system by changing blood levels of antibodies and causing the loss of white blood cells.) In short Benzine can cause CANCER

Miss Green, PLEASE, one is not SAT one is SITTING in a car.

With regards to "beat the banks" it is already illegal to leave a car with the engine running. Also you stand a great risk of the car (and baby) being stolen.

So in the dead of a freezing winter with a baby in your car it'll cost you 20 quid to ensure your baby is warm while someone went into a shop

This is unenforceable as it goes against the Bill Of Rights which states "All fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void" As you have not been to a court of law and convicted you cannot be fined.

Great another new tax on the motorist when are we as a nation going to stand up to these stupid people making up new rules to punish the motorist once again have you also noticed how much the price of fuel has also gone up I travel a lot and every week it has been going up from jan when it was at its lowest price but the price of crude oil hasent gone up much just fat cat oil people making more profit out of us poor motorist and more tax for the government I wonder how Meny more stupid regulations the government has up there sleeves

I suppose the marshals will be standing at red traffic lights waiting to pounce on cars waiting for the light to change. WHAT WILL THEY THINK UP NEXT?

What next from the MAD EU bureaucrats ? Wonder if we will be fined for breathing out too much Co2 when sat stationery in vehicles ?

AND ON AND ON THE TYRANY GOES, WHERE IT WILL STOP NOBODY KNOWS? Because you own a motor vehicle you have signed your life away, giving the Tyrants (whom the naive amongst us vote for) the right to use you driving a vehicle as a means to take away your livelihood! The overbearing ‘No This’ and ‘No That’ when driving, that they continually bombard us with, will not end until you stop voting for them and stop paying tax wherever you can, and don’t sign up to a pension scheme, it is just another tax, and they are going to make sure you die before you can withdraw it. Your vehicle is nothing more than one of the many cash cows you have signed up for! Wake up, if you vote, you will suffer the consequences!

Unfortunately traffic fumes kill (innocents mostly) people and always have. Driving is a nasty, dirty habit and should be avoided.

Just another way of the govt. collecting funds from the easy target 'motorists'. They should cancel the 85 marshals - that will save a bit of money!

what about the 20mph zones that cause traffic jams and higher cost to the motorist (POLUTION MORE USE OF RESCOSES MORE TAX FOR THE GOVERNMENT )this needs to be looked at with more thought.

Older cars running on carbs are better left running for a minute than spewing unburnt hydrocarbons (fuel) each time they are started. Glad I live in an area where the nearest traffic warden and yellow lines are 25 miles away and we seldom have to come to a standstill except to pass the odd car.

They seem very hung up on the "Oxford Street" aspect. What did they expect when the road is more or less the domain of diesels - buses, taxis, and delivery trucks? How about making sure that only the 'Boris Buses' run there, preferably using up their battery packs for the street's length, offer London taxi drivers a cash incentive to 'go petrol' next time (funded by Westminster NOT having to hire 85 wardens) or maybe just ban taxis from Oxford Street! There are plenty of street corners where other roads cross it to drop off and pick up. On a more global scale, what about another scrappage scheme so we can all buy cars with 'stop/start/ technology?

So basically the government is saying that in a rush hour on a long main road there would be more "parked" cars which are letting off pollution than the ones with the engine running stuck in traffic??? How about scrapping tax disks due to the fact that motorists cannot get anywhere on time in these times??? Or even get the NHS to get some air filters manufactured designed for nostrils to avoid any pollution deaths. It'll be a lot less in cost than what the motorists will pay in fine's. Oh, or is it that the government doesn't want to cough up the funds??? Let's get something right at least. & what about the higher power Diesel engines which the manufacturers recommend to warm for no less than 3 or 4 minutes before driving?????? Do they pay a fine every time they start the engine. & will Cameron pay a fine "every" time he starts his car if his 4.0 litre motors are on diesel???????

Government abolishing paper part of licence to save money?, then employing 85 "marshals" to cut polluting drivers not switching off their engines. Typical Government logic!!!!!

Car bodies aren't insulated and so in some of our more arctic weather or just in cool damp weather the temperature inside drops like a stone as soon as the engine is switched off and in a matter of a few minutes the windows mist over reducing visibility and the health and concentration of the driver and passengers becomes threatened.The catalytic converter also goes off the boil quite quickly and so the exhaust gas is much less clean for several minutes after a restart. The exhaust gas from a great many modern cars is of a much cleaner quality than the surrounding atmosphere. This applies, of course, to cars with fully warmed engines and catalytic converters. Poor air quality is not caused by fully warmed vehicles being left idling for periods of several minutes or less but is caused by those who design traffic controls without using modern technology to give priority to local traffic so they have little need to stand idling with unwarmed engines. Diesels are the main problem in this respect and it is vital wherever possible, traffic controls are designed to keep diesels moving at a constant speed, as for the rest, I would hope each and every traffic marshall would be very knowledgeable about the vehicles they police so they would be able to use informed judgement and discretion.

Again, another good idea for he environment but how do you police it? Will the 'traffic marshalls' be standing by the side of the road with stopwatches? The article doesn't state at what point you need to switch your engine off? Surely, as soon as a 'marshal' is spotted, they'll switch their engine off, just like now, where people hide talking on their mobile 'phone when they see a police car, then put it to their ear again as soon as it's gone by...

Sounds reasonable to me. However, this Friday I passed a police car with the occupant speed gunning moving traffic. Ten minutes later I passed a car belching out toxic smoke. They've got their priorities wrong if you ask me.

This has been the law in Sweden for many years, works successfully and is accepted as a common sense approach to reducing pollution. Should have been adopted years ago in this country too.

I had a run in with an idiot who sat outside my room window with his very noisy diesel engine running at 2 in the morning. He was in a parking bay and I was due to go to work at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital at 7am the man point blank refused to switch of his engine and was very ill mannered such a law would stop antisocial creeps like him

Its nawt to do with big vehicles. They arnt in town long enuf. Deliverys are asential. Towns are full of cars. Why are they there. Where are they going. Just lazy people. Would do more good banning the school run" it adds thousands of cars to the roads twice a day. Causes massive congestion twice a day" which causes masses of standing queueing traffic. And keeps bigger delivery vehicles on the road hours longer than needed. Burning more fuel.

I forgat zee pedestrians iz nut left ouut. It will become ze compulsion to vear ze face masken ut alles timez in zee city centres Zose caught wizout vill be refused ze NHS treatment for respiratory problemz.

Ve hav ze vays of stopping you getting into your cars u plebs so ser ist mure for room unt speed for zee comrads Zil Limos. I look forward with glee to seeing the first politician, mayor to get done. Zer shud also be ze crime of riding ze biken wiz zee bad hairdo, giving off ze hot air and zee allitosis.

So they are going to introduce a minimal fine on a alteration on an existing law, that is, it is against the law to leave a vehicle running on the public highway whilst not in control of the vehicle i.e. sat in the driving seat

I was in London a few weeks ago and I saw a Rolls Royce parked in the middle of a narrow alley type road with its engine running. It looked as if a chauffeur was waiting for his employer. The parking attendant walked up to him and I herd him say he had given him 20 minutes and if he did not move on he was going to get a ticket. I don't know how long the engine had been running for but I choked on the fumes.

Its about time the people of this country stood up to all these stealth taxes, they will get you with one or another on a regular basis!

How can they prove deaths were due to air pollution? I have never yet heard of anyione who was poisoned to death by air pollution.

Ian Fenton has got it absolutely right, over population is the biggest problem facing this world , but officialdom is reluctant to do anything about it. Rather than fining us for running our car engines they should be castrating us after two children!

What a pathetic country and politicians are just making it worse and worse! My opinion is that the human race has no clue at all, creating laws for what? Anything by the look of it yet really the problem this world faces is over population! Isn't this promoted further by the whole system we live in? God help future generations is all I can say!!!!!!

Stand by for the fart tax

how do i idle my turbo

I agree with Andy Shiells comments, the politicians are so bored & also hungry for newer ways of extracting even more money. will it ever end milking people?

Most of the problem is caused by council trucks and buses, they continue to use worn and bad injectors and are just not kept in good nick. Sort the councils and the bus companies, they are the problem.

Hahaha! Feel sorry for Londoners they are no doubt "Cash Cows". Thats what the government think. I guess by 2020 you have to pay to breathe as you will be consuming too much Oxygen.

The obvious solution is a network of pipes feeding into Parliament and Town Hall meeting rooms (windows closed). These pipes should be connected to the exhaust of every idling car during the scant hours these so-called "politicians" gather together. End of a load of problems!!!!

Another way for London councils to screw us motorists out of more cash !!!

The price of petrol and Diesil should be deterrent enough! When are we going to stop being treated like little children!52

More money they want we already pay way to much for road tax that has gone up to pay for they want more money its just money and greed not about the enviroment.

Great idea!! I live opposite a school and mums and dads leave their engine running while waiting anything up to 20 minutes for their kids obviously keeping warm in winter and to keep cool in summer. The older engines are a real pain. Now please ban leaving radios on in stationary, parked cars and cut noise pollution!!! Especially summer with windows wound down.

So....the London Congestion Charge works does it Boris? So why do motorists have to be fined for turning their engines off as well? If there is now no conegation then there will be no queues of stationery traffic will there? And what happens if someone had a weak battery and fears turning their engine off in case it won't start again, thus causing more congestion and frustration?

Saying as our Tyrant Governments have made a complete balls up of our economy spending trillions of our taxes and stealing our pension funds to fund their warmongering, most people cannot afford new “Stop Start” low emission cars, in fact there has been a massive increase in older car sales due to more and more people becoming destitute. Minimum wage, Zero hour contracts, fines for this and fines for that. IT IS ILLEGAL TO FUND OR ASSIST CRIMINAL ACTIVITY so stop voting for them and stop paying your taxes.

AND ON AND ON THE TYRANY GOES, WHERE IT WILL STOP NOBODY KNOWS? If you drive a vehicle, no matter what you do, you are breaking the law and you are going to get fined, unless you are a paedophile and they will let you off, of course. “Oh madam, your hair is in your eyes, you evil person you, here is 3 points and a £100 fine”.

Mr Marshall your spot on their all paedophile and spending all our monye and enjoying them self .It's anyother way to cash in from the poor . They have mo shame 👎👎👎

Saying as everyone is stood stationery most of the time in city centres, this gives the coward enforcers a field day. Aeroplanes are pumping out millions of times more pollution than motor vehicles ever will. People are just sitting back allowing the politicians/authorities who have been chauffer driven all their lives and spend our taxes on bombing innocent Muslims as well as paying for their paedophilia parties, to introduce these measures, and to think that people vote for them! Come on everyone; wake up for God’s sake.