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Motorists frustrated with lack of Police Presence

RAC Report on Motoring

The RAC report on Motoring for 2014 has revealed that many 60% of drivers say there are not enough police on the roads. Law-abiding motorists are frustrated that there is little risk of being caught breaking the law at the wheel for anything other than speeding or running a red light which are offences more lightly to be enforced by cameras. Two in five drivers believe anyone committing common offences such as texting at the wheel of either a moving or stationary vehicle, aggressive driving, tailgating, middle lane hogging or undertaking on the motorway would more than likely get away with it.  

While the vast majority of motorists are law-abiding, with only three million of more than 35.8m drivers having points on their licences, there seems to be a perception among many motorists that drivers won’t be caught if they flout the law. This is especially the case with the use of mobile phones while driving as, disturbingly, half of motorists think it is unlikely drivers will ever get picked up for texting while stopped in traffic. In fact, only 18% believe motorists are likely to be taken to task with the rest  uncertain as to whether they will or they won’t. Only three in 10 motorists think drivers will get into trouble for texting on the move while 42% think it is unlikely. For the new offences of tailgating and middle lane hogging only a quarter and one in five respectively think motorists are likely to be pulled up by a traffic police officer. In terms of aggressive driving, 40% of motorists felt drivers would be unlikely to be caught (30% likely) and for undertaking on the motorway the figures were 49% unlikely and only 20% likely. 

RAC technical director David Bizley said “our research shows that millions of law-abiding motorists are frustrated with the reduction of traffic police and believe that the chances of drivers being pulled up for breaking the law are now minimal. Motorists are tired of constantly seeing other drivers breaking the law and getting away with it so it is hardly surprising that they want to see a greater police presence on our roads to enforce motoring legislation more effectively, which would also act as a genuine deterrent.  It is no wonder that a third of motorists are concerned about other drivers talking on hand-held mobile phones and one in five about other motorists breaking traffic laws generally. Very worryingly, our research also found that three quarters  of motorists report regularly seeing other people talking on mobile phones, with 44% saying they see this happening during most of their car journeys, yet only 8% of drivers admit to using a hand-held phone on most journeys. As for speeding, 40% of motorists admit to breaking the limit on country urban  and 20mph roads, but by far the worst non-compliance is on motorways where the figure rises to 67%, perhaps a symptom of today’s lower police presence and the fact fixed speed cameras are not used to enforce 70mph on motorways. Against this background, it is not surprising that 70% of drivers told us that the motorway speed limit should be raised 80mph or above.”

People guilty of careless driving face fixed penalties or the chance to go on a driving course, but the more serious cases continue to go through the courts, where offenders face much higher fines For full details of the RAC Motoring Report for 2014 go to


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Firstly let's make it plain ...a driving licence is a privalage and not a right..if you were to speed,use a mobile phone or even fail to wear a seatbelt you would not pass a driving test and there are many that have not even taken one,what right have these idiots got to endanger anyone else's life by driving like a 'Richard Cranium'without any chance of being stopped

Free Man from Eastern Europe - you should be looking at learning English.

Who the hell where you asking???!!! Surly no one from London... If your frustrated from tailgating maybe because your holding up people that are trying to get to where they want to go!!! And maybe you should use the left lean!!! And may be you should get out the way simple.... The only thing that I agree with is the phone issue. As motorbike rider I have encountered many problems and even have lost friends but I still think that the problem is the drivers not the speed limits. I think we should have 200mph lane :) but seriously let's look at Germany, they have less accidents and less congestion and that's all because people get to where they want to go much quicker. The problem isn't the speed it's the drivers. We should be looking at enforcing slow drivers. Maybe there should be testing driving capability and reaction time, car handling and that could be part of getting a licence....

I heartily concurr with the above comments. as far as I am concerned the less police presence on the roads the better , and I speak as an oap with no points onliscence[ lucky me] not a boy racer, but as a citizen who wishes the police get on with arresting/ charging real criminals. and not shutting off roads at the slightest excuse, ie a minor collision to 'investigate a potential crime etc and get off their motorbikes when having a day out at our expense . I have absolutely no faith or belief in the integrity of the police force any more

There's No police Day OR night.. Why.. Because you YES you pay for the British Criminals, from being Arrested, to locked up, transported to court, provide a Lawyer, 5 Star Jail, keep their off spring, Then re- hab them, rehouse them ..Then they re offend and the Cycle WE pay for Starts Again.. Who's the f- in MUGS?

WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE... Oh sorry that comment is already here.

Thanks to our government, and they are the ones at fault that there is a shortage of police officers in all aspects of policing.

This is a joke though surely? The Traffic Police have one primary agenda... To keep their jobs by convicting as many motorists as they can. Anything and everything that is road safety enforcement related is created to hit you with a fine and place points on your driving licence so your insurance company “government buddies” can hammer you with increased premiums. Why on earth do you want more of that? The guise of “saving lives” is what people are led to believe is a genuine police agenda; please wake up to reality; the real agenda is keeping the police in work by striking oppressive tactics upon us to raise crime statistics, create jobs for them and generate the revenue that our governments need to waste on their fanciful & farcical warmongering strategies to depopulate countries and strip them of their assets. Your taxes are being wasted by the billions every year now, what the hell do you want them to waste more for?

Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone! Here we go again... the ‘Good Doer’s’; those who never do anything wrong behind the wheel, probably unaware that they actually have more likely, and probably many times. Those who have no penalty points on their driving licence ‘YET’, and probably even unaware that they have been lucky enough to escape them more likely; Now you want more traffic police on our roads do you? Well, just wait, your day will come soon, when you get treat like a criminal, heavily fined, lose your licence, lose your job, lose your home and have other massive financial distress imposed upon you, let alone the physical and physiological strain placed upon you and your family for having done nothing more than... ‘ate an apple whilst driving’; ‘went 5+ miles per hour over the speed limit’; ‘had one sherry too many at the church fete’; ‘your tyre was slightly bald’; ‘you didn’t renew your card licence’; ‘you went up a one way street the wrong way’; and the hundreds of many other trivial motoring offences designed specifically so the traffic police can impose them upon you to rake in revenue, without a care of the consequences that will burden you for the rest of your life; all under the guise of “saving lives” bollocks. The Pharma Cartels are killing millions of people, slowly! Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone!

WHERE DO YOU THINK POLICE RESOURCES OUGHT TO BE PRIORITISED? (Source – ROSPA 2012) Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain. Killed 1,754; Seriously Injured 23,039; Slightly Injured 170,930; Total 195,723. OR.... (Source – NSPCC 2012) 50,500 children in at risk every minute. 29,837 Registered Sex Offenders for sexual offences against children. 23,000 Sex offences recorded against children. 75,000 Estimated unrecorded sex offences against children. 50,573 Children on child protection registers. 2,400,000 Children severely maltreated. So you want more Traffic Police driving around in tens of millions of pounds worth of very expensive motor cars, your tax money, pointing their weapons of social destruction “speed guns” at you, taking away your livelihoods, your morality and destroying your family life with hideous motoring offence penalties???