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Motorists Paying £1,000+ Per-Year Tax

Local Government Association Calls For Better Deal For Motorists

The Local Government Association has claimed that “it is time for a fairer deal” for motorists that pay more than £1,000 per-year to the treasury (on average). Why? Because the Association – that represents more than 370 authorities in England and Wales – has revealed that its members have been receiving less and less government money to maintain the roads. As such, The Highways Maintenance Budget has fallen from £871 million in 2010/2011 to £750 million in 2013/2014. It will now fall further in the next financial year. Despite this, the government will receive £38 billion from motorists in 2013/2014. Revenue streams include vehicle excise duty (tax discs), fuel duty (paid at the fuel pump), and value added tax (paid on fuel at the pump) – all courtesy of the 34.5 million vehicles currently in use. That equates to roughly £1,117 per-unit. More of this money – the Association argues – should be used for the “long overdue” investment in the “crumbling road network”. Councillor Peter Box, Chair of the Association's Economy and Transport Board, added: “councils now need increased and consistent highways funding to invest in the widespread resurfacing projects desperately needed for a long-term improvement”. There must be countless drivers that agree with this statement.

How Roads Are Built And Damaged

Road construction techniques vary according to the volume of traffic they are likely to support. As such, a busy motorway that carries tens of thousands of vehicles per-day needs to be more robust than a residential street. However, a typical process – in very simple terms - involves compressing the earth to create a solid foundation then smothering it with gravel. This is then covered by several layers of asphalt, which a gooey substance derived from crude oil. The asphalt repels a large proportion of the rain water that strikes its surface which then flows into the drains. Local Government/Highways Agency maintenance is required when the surface develops cracks or potholes over a certain size. These can be formed when the surface – which is constantly pounded by cars, heavy goods vehicles, and motorbikes, etc. - begins to let in water. This can then freeze, which causes it to expand and increase the size of any imperfections. Maintenance workers also have to repair damage caused by road traffic accidents, wear and tear, vandalism and freak weather conditions such as extreme heat that melts the road surface.


I really do not intend to insult any particular person or group, BUT being typically British is the reason why we are being ripped off by a corrupt Government whose intention is to screw us while lining the pockets of the rich. It is US that needs to take stern action against this Government to show them that enough is enough. If we were like the French and stood up for ourselves, this pathetic pocket lining Governement would have to think twice about continuously screwing us over year by year. And I'm afraid that until we do make a stand, it will continue to happen as are seen as easy targets who lay down and take it.

Motorists do not pay for the roads and should have no more say over them than over road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. Roads are paid for out of general taxation, the taxes referred to here are levied because motoring in itself is a destructive activity, with huge impacts on public health and the environment. If we really want to improve our roads, we should focus on shifting road journeys to other modes, through investment and encouragement in other forms of freight transport as well as public and sustainable transport. I'm a car driver, if I were asked to bear the full cost of motoring, I would think much more carefully about using my car. As a motorist, I currently get off extremely lightly

It,s me again,I was a l.g.v. driver now I,m a l.g.v & p.c.v instructor I used to drive on the continent very regular, when you got to a border crossing you had your fuel tanks dipped, they estimated how much fuel you had & you paid duty on the amount you had. Trucks come here from all over Europe with as much as 3 or 4.000 litres of fuel which can be as much as 50p to 60p a litre less than here, when they start to get low on fuel they get a return load for their own country after working here for a reduced rate, they pay no road tax, theirs is either on fuel or on their pumps or put on other charge,s. Also look at the tax on L.G.V,s compared to some cars. My car a Nissan Pathfinder £490.00. An articulated training vehicle capable of 44 tonnes £175.00, most large cars tax is in excess of £1300.00 for the first year, WHO IS BEING RIPPED OFF ON A GRAND SCALE ( MR & MRS BRITISH PERSON) Lets just sit on our arse,s & take it with our stiff upper lip

How can you say pounded by HGVs and motorbikes in the same sentence?

It always seemed ludicrous to me that councils pay to have their roads ruined by putting in speed humps. Now the idiocy is magnified because in parts of suburban London, speed humps are being repaired, while the potholes from last winter are left to get ever deeper and more dangerous to all road users. It's utter madness and a total waste of scarce funding.

DONT just talk about it do something I drive am also a I.A.M and road are getting worse and they say we HAVE NO MONEY SPARE, but look at how all our money goes out of the UK JUST TO MAKE US LOOK GOOD. Take, take, take, its about time we should think about ourselves for a change and not others now we HAVE FOOD BANKS (WHAT NEXT)

Sorry, but I have spelt Leviathan wrongly and missed the c from crops. But the ridiculous situation concerning tractors and HGVs on our rural roads needs to be controlled now, but as many other posts have pointed out, our gutless leaders never act on things that matter, rich land owners are their own kind.

look at the website. ABD-VED they are trying to get to the government over all this on how we are being ripped off but M.P.s are spineless plantpots & are terrified, we should band together & not pay vehicle emissions tax, ARE THEY GOING TO PUT US ALL IN JAIL ????????? NEVER.

In rural Shropshire it has been impossible to complete any journey without encountering fleets of tractors dragging unplated and in some cases unlit trailers up to 20 miles at a time. it started with cereal rops and has continued through the extremely wet period of the last six weeks to the Maize harvest. Are these leviathons taxed, using the correct fuel and do the owners or contractors feel any responsibility for the almost criminal damage they are causing to our roads??? Chalk boards stuck in hedgerows in the dark warning of mud?? Mud doesnt describe it, put stones and small rocks into the mix to break windscreens and its becoming an almost daily chore to avoid damage to my car. Can anyone tell me roughly what the nett loss to us as tax payers is through the subsidies we pay these vandals to demolish our road network?

Another thing to be taken into consideration is low fuel emission cars. Vehicles that are paying very little or excempt from road tax. The more low fuel emission vehicles produced and on the roads, the less taxes going into the coffers. Who's going to subsidize this. Then what happens to the roads. I agree put the tax on fuel that way it will be fair for all and do away with the bureaucratic road tax.

This has been going on for years now I object to paying £490 for road tax on a 4X4 that I need because of the roads where I live but I would be happy to pay through the fuel duty & even happier if they would put some money into the road system for repair & improvements.

stop whinging ...we are letting them trample over our sick and disabled and do nothing about it you deserve everything you get spine !!!!!

Not only are we being screwed to pay for everything but the roads. But the scumbags that run the country, by that I don't only mean the Government but the people at the top with the largest share of the money who really control it. They will be paying a much smaller percentage of their money than the worker with anormal car. So a rise in motoring costs affect the wealthy less than the poorest This tax is basically favouring the larger expensive cars. We should get rid of it and build it into the price of fuel so that those who have the larger cars and drive more miles pay more.

I wrote to my MP some years back on behalf of a classic car club.. (yes this has been building up for years there were about 25 million cars at that time.) As I had two or three classic cars and obviously if I want to run them all during the year they have to be taxed (unfortunately none of them are tax exwmpt) My cars generally do shows throughout the season and are driven for pleasure thus it is easier to tax them all than juggle the taxing of one and then another etc when needed... even adding my every day run about I still do less than 12,000 miles a year.I explained it would be fairer to scrap Vehicle excise and put a minimal amount on the fuel price obviously worked out to allow someone owning a vehicle with average consumption doing about 10,000 mls a year (which was average at that time) to pay roughly the same as Veh Excise came to at that time. I can't remember the figures used now but it mean around 45 pence on a gallon of fuel (approx 10p per litre)which covered the cost easily. My MP at the time said that Veh Excise was a way of ensuring vehicles had insurance and MOT thus wouldn't be scrapped. Well now the Insurance and MOT are now on computer and can be checked by Police instantly so I think the way would be clear to scrap the excise element for vehicles and put it on fuel... then larger engined vehicles and heavier vehicles doing higher miles will pay more than folks driving smaller more economical vehicles thus it also fits as a green tax too. all it needs is a new calculation and some overpaid MP to get off his fat wotsit and get it sorted.

Yes it's all very well scrapping Road Tax, BUT what about the Disabled? they are already Tax Exempt, to help them,so they would be hit even harder than ever. Tax all the Foreign wagons that fill up with cheap fuel in there countries, and pay NO tax to support our Highways.

I can't understand why the Government is so intent to spending billions on HS2 "improving" our rail infrastructure, whilst at the same time cutting the Highways Maintenance Budget and letting our already dreadful roads get even worse. Surely our road network is more important than a rail link that saves a few minutes on a journey? I think you can push the people of this country a long way before they start to fight back, but that day is coming fast.

@Peter Callwood. Stop paying bills??? you think you own that car, try not paying tax on it and driving it on the road, you will be fined, if you don't pay, your car will be crushed. No one owns a car anymore, the government own it and if you don't pay them for the privilege they will take it away. There is no fight left in the people anymore and the government know this because they took it from us. Slowly and surely they have robbed us of our right and fight.

A high percentage goes on supporting the NHS. Fuel tax approximately 80p in the £ ever considered where this goes? Motorists really do need to vote, or Lobby, or really combine their massive numbers, 35 million vehicles currently registered, and do something about misappropriation of their road tax duties.

this is just another tax the public have to pay. Only a small proportion goes towards fixing our roads. Perhaps they use it to pay for MP's second homes and to pay there utility bills whilst us tax payers have to pay our own bills. Scrap VEL and put it on fuel then the heavy users will have to pay more.

Roads that are not sufficiently maintained cause more wear and tear on motorists vehicles which means maintenance and repair bills increase the cost to motorists It is unfair to hit motorists both ways. I also think the huge juggernauts cause most of the damage to roads

As usual our politicians have no interest in helping the ordinary British citizen because their transport charges are reclaimed with their expenses. Also, a lot of them have government cars or are so rich that everyday expenses are literally nothing for them. There needs to be radical and revolutionary change in the role of our politicians including automatic ejection if they fail to improve our standard of living over a Parliamentary term. That would focus their minds on the real priorities. We need to become more active and protest more. When fuel prices were raised in France in 2001 there were so many protests and road closures that the government there had to back down. They cancelled road taxes and only increased fuel prices by a small amount .We just accept price increases like a load of sheep. If everybody stopped paying their energy bills or road tax fund the government would have no alternative but to accept the people's will. Wake up Britain and smell the coffee. YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF BY EVERYONE YOU HAVE TO PAY BILLS TO. STOP PAYING AND SEE THE AMAZING RESULTS AS LONG AS WE ALL AGREE TO DO IT. Thanks and speak to you soon. Peter Callwood (A very concerned citizen)

Firstly the so called road tax does not go to pay for roads, the money collected goes into the general fund to help pay for the police and other services,secondly the motorist is seen as a cash cow, an easy mark and a bottomless pit to take money from, thirdly it does not matter one iota how much we complain about the injustice of the system, you can be quite sure that MP's of all colours do not care about our problems and I doubt very much if any of them ever read our comments, after all if you and I were collecting a hundred grand or so salary would we care very much, I have my doubts.

@James Fenna: it's not called Road Tax, it's Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), ie. a tax for owning a vehicle. The government (conveniently) changed it many years ago.

more tax for heavy users such as hgvs wouldnt go amiss - they cause more wear and damage. also what about cyclist and horses? do they not use these facilities aswell?

I live in Worcestershire and the state of the roads are a disgrace. Billions on a rail line spend the money sorting out the roads

The whole point of ROAD TAX or any other CAR related taxes, should only be used to maintain and improve the roads of which we drive on, it's an absolute cheek to use road tax funds for anything other!

The amount of taxes paid by motorists quoted in this article has been significantly understated. Insurance Premium Tax and the VAT charged on various maintenance and repair expenses have been omitted.