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Motorists Risk Safety By Skipping Maintenance

Kwik Fit Reveals Alarming Survey Results

Alarming news. Kwik Fit has claimed that thirty-nine percent of motorists are considering skipping their next service. That could be dangerous. Why? Because maintenance helps keep vehicles safe and reliable. Furthermore, motorists from the South West are the most likely to ignore best practice (forty-five percent). This is followed by those in the: North West (forty-four percent), London (forty-three), Eastern England (forty-two), East Midlands (forty-one), Wales (forty), South East (thirty-six), Yorkshire & Humberside (thirty-six), North East (thirty-six), West Midlands (thirty-four) and Scotland (twenty-two). Worryingly, it seems that - irrespective of servicing - some people have an irresponsible attitude to their safety and that of others. As such, Kwik Fit has revealed that ten percent “never” check their tyres and fifteen percent have a brake problem they are “not actively looking to repair”. Brake problems should, of course, be picked-up during the MOT but vehicles less than three years old are exempt from this yearly safety inspection.

Kwik Fit Director Discusses Vehicle Maintenance

Roger Griggs, Director of Communications at Kwik Fit, said: “It is very concerning to find that so many motorists are thinking of skipping their next service – especially considering the number of drivers who don’t make their own checks on their car. Tyres, brakes and lights are all crucial to road safety so it is vitally important that they are regularly checked, and not just left until the MOT is due.” 

Reasons To Service A Vehicle

Naturally, safety is the main reason to maintain a vehicle. Why? Because part of the service might be to remove corrosion from the brake discs so they perform to a higher standard. A service inspection also identifies small problems before they become expensive. For example, an oil leak from the transmission might be fixed via a low cost gasket – but if left the gearbox could run dry and tear itself to pieces. That could be dangerous. Furthermore, a properly maintained car is nicer to use than an unloved one. As such the engine should produce the correct amount of power, the clutch should be properly adjusted, and it should cruise in a straight line without pulling. Finally, a vehicle that has a full service history is – with other factors equal – worth more than an identical one without. As such, maintenance slows depreciation which can be a major expense. A stamped service book also helps prove that the odometer reading is correct. That is good news for both buyers and sellers. Service schedules vary from vehicle to vehicle, but a reasonable guide is every ten-thousand miles/twelve months (whichever is sooner). 

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I too am a garage owner and constantly find myself correcting main dealer bodges. The dealers and chains seem to be the worst because they have to do so many jobs a day, predetermined before they've even see the car. If you do a good job and charge a fair price, peopl will return.

Oh.. come on Joe Cash, look closely, the "mechanic" in the photo is not spannering, merely hitting it with the shifter(secondary hammer function).

I am a garage owner and find these comments offensive , We take pride in our workman ship and follow codes of practice and have many thank you cards from customers . Do your homework before taking your car to Fred in shed .

I would never trust my car to a garage for maintenance, I have worked in several and have seen the shortcuts and bodges that are perpetrated in the cause of getting the car out with the minimum of effort and/or cost. At each of the three services my new Subaru had to undergo to keep the warranty valid, the Subaru Agency mechanics introduced faults that were not previously present, and which I had to rectify at my own expense. If you can find a reliable local mechanic, who comes with verbal recommendation from friends or family, then stick to him/her like glue, and never trust your vehicle to someone you have never met before.

have had 2 cars clutch and flywheels wrecked during mot and now have one passed its mot but still in garage as they have cracked the windscreen and caused coolant leak .

If the "mechanic" in the picture used an "adjustable" on my car, I'd be justifiably livid. Many motorists pay for maintenance only to find out it has been skipped - still far too many dodgy "workshops" out there.