posted 4 years ago

Motorists To Control Washing Machines From Cars

New System Controls Home-Based Systems From Cars

Strange but true. Motorists could soon operate their washing machines from the comfort of their cars. Shall we select a forty degree spin for thirty minutes? Drivers might, in contrast, prefer to pre set their televisions to record whatever torturous confessional programme is broadcast in the middle of the day (we all know the one). Alternatively, some people are lucky enough to have air-conditioning in their houses. They might, therefore, set such systems to pre-cool the air before returning home, empting their washing machines and staring blankly at whatever nonsense their televisions have recorded. Such a concept might sound like it is for the fictional world of Star Trek - but it is not. As such, Toyota and Panasonic are working together on a cloud-based system to perform these tasks and others. The Japanese motor manufacturer has revealed this is “on-going work to make mobility smarter, more convenient and more comfortable – and to increase the value cars add to people’s lives”.

Concept To Be Showcased In Japan

The concept will soon be showcased by the motor manufacturer at the Smart Community Japan 2014 Exhibition. It could then be launched in the region in the second part of the year. Motorists in the United Kingdom, however, must wait far longer. The concept incorporates two systems – one from Toyota one from Panasonic - that have been integrated and enhanced to perform a wider range of tasks. The Toyota Smart Centre is fitted to electric and plug-in hybrids to link motorists, vehicles, power companies and smart houses. Its purpose is to minimise power consumption and carbon emissions. Good news for wallets and the environment. The Panasonic Home Appliance Control Application, in contrast, enables the company's devices to be operated remotely.

System Could Expand To Control Other Machines

But this could only be the beginning. Theoretically, such technology could operate a wider range of systems. Motorists that have, for example, forgotten to lock their doors could secure them from within their vehicles (assuming they have electronic locks, of course). Furthermore, the temperature of fridge-freezers could be increased or lowered. Motorists could also configure ovens to ensure that dinner is cooked when they return home. Then there is the weather. An unexpected cold snap could cause central heating pipes to freeze and burst. Motorists could sidestep this misery by firing-up the central heating while (say) waiting in traffic jams. The possibilities are endless. Strange but true.


Slight flaw being that the laundry still needs to be gathered up first and loaded in to the machine or may be I'm being to practical here lol

Unbelievable! What Klingon came up with that idea? If using a mobile makes you 4 times more likely to have an accident and attract a hefty fine, what is controlling your domestic appliances going to do? Talk about distractions when driving.