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Motorists To Save High Street By Parking On Double-Yellow Lines?

Proposal To Allow Motorists To Park On Double-Yellow Lines

The Government might soon permit motorists to park on double-yellow lines in an effort to boost high street sales. This proposal – which comes from the Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles – would create a fifteen minute “grace period” for people to park their vehicles without charge close to shops. Short overstays in traditional parking bays might be overlooked too. These changes could attract the type of motorist that is currently put-off by inconvenient and expensive parking, plus the threat of inflexible traffic wardens. However, this Conservative Party proposal – or so The Telegraph has reported – is not popular with some Liberal Democrats who claim it is “unworkable”. Political horseplay within the coalition might therefore be required before it becomes law, which could be within months. The initiative might therefore be accompanied by considerably higher fines for dangerous/illegal parking. These are currently limited to only seventy pounds outside the capital city and to one-hundred and thirty pounds within.

Source Close To Mr Pickles Discusses Double-Yellow Line Proposal

The Telegraph also reported that a source close to Mr Pickles said: "The High Street is in danger of shrinking or dying-off and over-aggressive parking enforcement is part of the reason why. If people are worried about paying a fortune in parking fines, it will make them more likely to do their shop online or go to out of town shopping centres.

Double-Yellow Line Proposal – The Advantages And Disadvantage

If this double-yellow rule change is implicated the country might win and lose. Let us consider why. Clearly, shoppers are more likely to spend in high streets if they can park conveniently for free knowing that traffic wardens have a little wiggle room. This, of course, could benefit the shops that are struggling to cope with challenging economic conditions and competition from the internet. In turn, more profitable shops would benefit the economy overall. But what about traffic flow? Double-yellow lines suggest that parked cars might create congestion and hazards in the area – and whereas these effects might be minor in some places they might be devastating in others. They could lead to gridlock and that would certainly be bad for the economy, the environment, motorists and shops. Also, it might make life hard for traffic wardens who – without the help of tickets/meters – would find it hard to establish how long cars have sat outside shops. Some people might therefore park on double-yellows for hours rather than minutes. Clearly, it is tricky to know whether or not this proposal would lead to a net gain.


Obviously theses "high street" yellow lines need to be another colour or the double yellow Rule will just be as abused as it already is. Maybe we should hand out more blue badges?

Parking on yellow lines? What is wrong with peoples legs. Lower parking charges is the answer.

With many of our towns and large portions of cities now by-passed isn't it time to look again at some of the wider streets to see if double yellow lines are needed at all? It is time the planners were forced to consider the wider picture whenever they make decisions. Allowing limited parking on double lines is the same as having a single line with restrictions so why not have a single line with suitable local restrictions; the police have powers to clear obstructions and penalise those who would try and take advantage of any concessions. 15 minutes is unlikely to be long enough in the real world to have a prescription filled or even to buy a newspaper from Smith's, especially on a busy day. The wider picture indicates a 15 minute grace period would only be any practical use if all the shops in the area had an express checkout, gave priority to those parked outside or a pharmacist on roller skates. 30 minutes would be more realistic and fairer and less likely to lull parkers into a false sense of security. That brings us back to single yellow lines...

This is already happening fuelled by common sense policing. In the case of Greenock, the problem of a dying high street has been caused by the closure of a centralised multi-storey car park for use as a storage unit.

See David Blowers comments. He is spot on! Nuff said!

I notice no mention of cyclists, for whom parked cars are a bane, especially on busy roads which is where yellow lines tend to be.

Yellow lines are usually "cash cow fodder" and if disabled can park on them then not needed. Councils should be made to justify the yellow lines (not on the basis of diverting cars to expensive parking) but their necessity - just like speed cameras where there's never been an accident. Cash cash cash cash...soak the motorist. Three cheers for the pickle caused by inflated egos of councillors or jumped up little council employees: more of these, bigger 'empire' for "managers" = fatter pay packet. QED.

I think the no parking rule on double yellow lines should not be changed, what is going to save the high street is for town councils to make street parking available, in my town Workington there are large areas of the main shopping streets taken up with taxi rank's which reduce the amount of car parking and much of what space is left is taken bl loading and unloading only and disabled parking. then to top it all the taxis just stop were they want to pick up and drop off customers and just cause the traffic to back up.There is a secure parking area but most people do not use it and the quick run to the shop and the bank are no longer easy

Having read the article & the comments on this site, I think I would have to agree with the people that think a review of ALL yellow lines should be carried out to only leave those that would cause problems with either safety or traffic flow. A large number seem to have no purpose in either of the above. Once the review has happened, the free SHORT TERM parking could be introduced where the lines have been removed.

Disabled motorists already park for a number of hours on double yellow lines so the principle already exists.

Double yellow lines should mean NO parking and should only exist where parking is unwise. Allowing parking on double yellow immediately suggests parking restrictions are meaningless and no doubt would encourage people to start ignoring other restrictions. If the completely un-necessary double yellow lines are removed and the remaining ones enforced that would be most welcome. The removal of the double yellow would then be replaced with single yellow, meters, or some kind of restricted parking that could include 15 minutes free. Rules should be followed and not made ambiguous by such ridiculous ideas. However, the rules must make sense and far too much double yellow fails that requirement. Even now people ignore double yellow or even Zebra Crossing lines to dash to ATM's or takeaways. Suggesting it is OK for 15 minutes will make this much worse.

If they are going to let people park for a short time as one car goes another will take its place then another then another so the road will be blocked any way so the yellow line must be there for a reason erm like keeping the road clear and the traffic moving.

the lib-dem mp's just hate the people,especially if they need a car.

It is a perfectly sensible suggestion, and one that is and has been practised in Stokesley for years. All that is needed is a disc which the motorist himself sets the time of his start, and is this way the traffic warden knows whether or not he has overstayed or not. The discs are given away free in local shops. It works!

I don't know about Ireland, but in the UK a single yellow and a double yellow line has the same effect, just for different lengths of the day. What is puzzling me is why everyone thinks that Mr Pickles' suggestion changes anything - because it really doesn't. You may stop for loading and unloading on a yellow line now, unless there is a loading restriction - which is indicated by the single of double yellow flashes at right angles to road and painted on the kerb-stones. Currently it is possible to load or unload on yellow lines for up to 40 minutes except where an obstruction is caused. The problem with the Pickles' pronouncements is that they are generally not thought through and are merely vote catching sound bites that claim to achieve far more than is ever likely. I think he has a separate office in his over-spending department that is paid to think up a daily ludicrous sound-bite policy!

It has all been said before, halt the incessant robbery of motorists and lets see how long town councils can survive without their cash cows.

Double yellow lines should continue to mean no parking as it is usually where parking would cause traffic problems. What about allowing limited parking on single yellow lines ?

Its not parking thats causing people to stop shopping on the high street, its the rising prices of the most basic items and the tax imposed on the general public.

It is a stupid suggestion! Everyone knows that in Ireland a single yellow line means 'No Parking at all' and a double-yellow line means 'No Parking at all, at all'. Why change the law and make things even more incomprehensible for tourists and old people! No need to change the law. Just put up 30 mins signs, or paint a thin yellow stripe alongside the thick double-yellows to indicate a 30 mins parking area. That way people won't park in stupid places like narrow roads, near junctions or across entrances, etc.

the whole parking issue is a problem for shop keepers and motorists. Shopkeepers lose their customers, profits, livelihood and any staff then become unemployed, and to be fair we have enough of those already. Motorists are continually the penalised at every opportunity, and the fines excessive for minor offences, some of which aren't an offence at all really just money makers. I would like to know exactly what all the money made from fines is spent on, and I don't just mean some non specific report, but a detailed report. more importantly the biggest money maker road tax, taken every year from millions, what exactly does that give the motorist in return? I ask this in view of the constant suggestion of the introduction of toll roads, I am pretty sure we don't need both. I know lots of motorists who are at a compete loss as to the purpose of the road tax payment especially as the roads themselves are diabolical and in constant disrepair. This obviously then brings the motorist another cost ..... vehicle repairs.

ok who will time the car parked on the yellow lines and where would be able to park with my blue badge if a car is all ready on the lines this will not work you would need a traffic warden on every street ?

There is nothing wrong with the concept of the yellow lines, the problem is the councils often use them as a way of getting parking fees and fines. It should be an offence for a council to put down yellow lines without a good reason. It should also be a defence in a parking ticket if the lines are unreasonable or to there to make a profit. At the same time the fine for dangerous or selfish parking should be be very high. Make it a point offence rather than a fine. Oh all on street parking should be free - we have paid the road tax already!

Oh dear what a complicated situation you politions have created for yourselves in the drive for ever greater revenue. Free parking on double yellows causing congestion issues, free parking for the 1st x number of minutes = loss of revenue for local councils! Loose the revenue from parking and local gain from the extortionate rates councils charge shops and greater taxes for central government from extra spending in the shops, simples ! Thinking of starting the "Make it Simple" Party anyone want to join ? !

Not often I agree with the Tories, but this does make sense!! Yes it will be abused, which will increase revenue, yes it will help people who want to pick something up from a shop without being butt-f****d by a traffic warden, and no, it will not lead to congestion as disabled badges can park their anyway for 30 mins!! And how many of them do you see??

I find myself agreeing with the Lib Dems; it's unworkable as proposed. There are numerous yellow lines in Nottingham and Lincoln that could easily be changed to 30 mins or even 60 mins waiting free but others where the yellow lines are important. It needs a thorough review as to the reasons for the yellow lines. Why on one busy stretch of road are there yellow lines meters and residents and free parking? All within 500 metres? (Castle Boulevard, Nottingham). Cars speed along this 30 limit at speeds well in excess of 70 mph and more parking would slow them down for sure.

If it is free it will be abused. First rule of General Public's behaviour.

Just an idea, but why not just remove the yellow lines from the areas that would not cause hazards and keep them where they would? Is this the former Judge Justie Pickles who once mooted that women who wear short skirts are 'asking for it'?

15 minutes of grace period will only cause more congestion and will not help create footfall in the shops. People will only park to get milk or newspapers or use Cash machines, as it is not possible to create sensible shopping trip. The only solution would be to make first 1 hour free parking in all controlled zones.

I dont agree to that we should have to pay to shop, our town is almost dead because of parking meters every where, they have built so many shopping centres and arcades in Aldershot, which are all closed due to high rent and parking, its disgusting, our Town is falling apart, At the moment Tescos in Aldershot we dont pay for to park but for how long.I shop in another town where i work and dont have to pay to park. Dont like to shop online as i like to see what im buying.

We have several Carparks in our town,all within easy reach of the main shopping areas. These are relatively cheap already, so the obvious question is why don't we make these free at certain times to boost foot fall in the high street? Same effect, but no safety or congestion issues.

In my town,people already park on double yellow lines,and I wish the traffic wardens were more attentive in their job,as the parking causes obstructions,to the free flow of traffic. Some people will overstay the 15 minutes that's for sure,and are there going to be extra traffic wardens to enforce it.

There is a simple solution to this problem clear away the double yellow lines where they are put only for the purpose of forcing cars to use spaces they are required to pay for but leave them where they are needed for safety and traffic flow. Make the doubles into timed spaces of say 60mins so no one can abuse the system.

First of all I would like to ask if it is ok to park for 15mins without causing an obstruction why are there double yellow lines there in the first place? What I think is a better idea is to allow free parking for half an hour in car parks still keeping the roads clear, as this what car parks were made for in the first place! It is only that car park operators have got greedy pricing the motorist out that is encouraging people park on yellow lines for a few minutes.