posted 6 years ago

Motorway Driving Tips – Lanes

I have seen three people today who desperately need a few motorway driving tips.

I have seen three people today who desperately need a few motorway driving tips. In particular, they require help with lane discipline. But why? One bloke jumped around like he was dancing, another sat in the middle all day, and a third cruised in lane three at fifty. Thank goodness Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has some advice:

- Use all of your mirrors regularly, as well as before making any manoeuvre or lane change.

- Signal early to give other road users time to react – many will be happy to let you out if given warning.

- Change lanes gradually. Don’t expect or force other drivers to move out of your way.

- Don’t compromise your safe following distance when changing lanes. Always look out for other cars aiming to move into the same space as you from another lane.

- Read the overhead gantry signs – they give useful information and can help you decide which lane to use.

- The Highway Code says that the middle lane and right hand lanes are for overtaking only. Driving continuously in the middle lane means other drivers slow down while waiting to overtake, causing congestion. Always move back to the left hand lane when you can.

Mr Elstow said: “Keep an eye on your mirrors and keep a 360 degree awareness of the traffic around you to make changing lanes easier, but always double check before making the manoeuvre.”

I think that the law should be changed to allow overtaking on the left hand side of a vehicle.For the last 9 years I have driven in Australia whilst on holiday and the above manoeuvre is allowed thus making for easier traffic flow on the motorways.

As a motorway driver for many years and until retirement driving a yearly total of around 150.000 mls a year I can tell you the most important thing on any road is using the rear view mirror every 15 seconds, and signaling a lane change in good time, if in doubt move left and slow down, as to be able to read the road signs, If you ever complain about tail gaiters then you are guilty of not using your mirrors and of lane hogging, the most guilty in my experience being Jaguar drivers and young girls.

If it isn't already, Motorway driving should become a compulsary part of learning to drive. Like a 'phase 2' test. before you are allow to drive on one. Equally, driving refreshers would be a good idea. Many people simply get into bad driving habits over time.

Very basic everyday rules. Plenty more that could have been added to that article that are far more important to motorway and dual carriageway driving, but if you want to know them, you'll have to contact me. Then I'll know if you're really interested in safe motorway driving, or just fed up with lane huggers while you speed ahead!!